Unarguable Phenomena

The sun is a reliable "unarguable" phenomenon. It cannot be bought or sold or corrupted. It shines on worms, bugs, white people, black people, plants, germans and jews. It does not discriminate. Without an understanding of its power it is relentless and ruthless but if it is understood it can be a large part of our sustenance. It will kill you if you lay on the beach with no cover for several days. It will save you if you direct its rays into a shelter made of mass. It is up to the one who encounters the sun to understand how to encounter its unarguable power and benefit, not die, from it. This is the way of all earth phenomena. We understand... we whisper to them and we find sustenance free for the taking for all people. This is the knowledge of unarguable phenomena we need all people to have. So that all people have everything for free all the time. They do not have to buy the sun. They encounter it. No longer is economy between us and sustenance.


In this scenario, all people are equal in their ability to encounter natural earth phenomena. This is taught and learned. No one can ever take this from you. The economy crashes, you still have the ability to encounter the unarguable phenomena for sustenance. They are always there.They do not make promises they can't keep. They are transparent. They are true. You are the only variable factor of your own sustenance. All you need is the vessel to float and encounter in this world of sustenance for everyone. The Earthship is that vessel... earthship.com.

The using of less results in the needing of less
Life becomes easier, the burden turns to buoyancy

We think of our energy demands and needs of the future and we wonder... "how we will provide them"? This need, this demand - like an addiction to cocaine - perverts us into thinking we must have nuclear power. This is selling out our planet, our future and even our present ability to exist in a healthy life.
Only extreme sources of power are considered today in a world of extreme needs. What if we cut our needs in half? What if we cut our needs by 75%. This would suddenly make very subtle forms of energy look attractive.

We are crossing a bridge. We weigh four hundred pounds and the bridge is only good for one hundred and seventy pounds. What is the answer? Risk death by trying to cross the bridge with obviously too much weight? Or loose weight?
The point is that when we need radically less energy or food or whatever, lesser forms of energy and food will begin to look interesting. We won't be jumping to the conclusion that we need massive forms of dangerous energy, like nuclear power. We won't be able to be convinced by those who play on our own addictions and excessive needs. A small wild strawberry in the forest is thrilling to a creature with a small stomach. To a giant creature with a huge stomach, it is hardly observed at all. This makes me want to reduce the size of my stomach.

I have heard the phrase, "who will feed China in the future?” With less needs in addition to encounters of unarguable phenomena, each individual in China will feed themselves.

comfort phenomena
An example of how Earthships encounter Earth Phenomena to create sustenance.







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Guided Earthship Tours

Guided Earthship Tours In addition to the self guided tour that goes through our Earthship Visitor Center daily, we also have  2 kinds of guided tours. Guided tours are generally reserved for groups of 10 or more, however, we can accommodate a smaller group for a minimum of $100. 1) The Guided tour through our Earthship Visitor Center includes: Admittance to the building which is very similar to a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, packaged...Read More

Earthship Biotecture and the University of New Mexico

Earthship Biotecture and the University of New Mexico Earthship Biotecture has partnered with the University of New Mexico to offer an accredited college class in the Construction Technologies department.  “Introduction to Earthship Biotecture” covers the basics of Earthshjp’s integrated design process and construction methods. This fall we will be offering our third semester of this course.  We hope to develop this partnership into full accreditation for...Read More

Out Of The Blue: Exclusive Behind The Scenes & Earthship Video

Out Of The Blue: Exclusive Behind The Scenes & Earthship Video Take a look inside Earthship, a sustainable and self-contained green building in Taos, New Mexico and check out exclusive behind the scenes photos of our latest collection, Out Of The Blue. One of the biggest factors in planning a shoot is finding a location that complements the story and clothing. For the Out of the Blue homepage we knew New Mexico would be the perfect backdrop; from white sands, to endless...Read More

Cash for Trash on National Geographic

Cash for Trash on National Geographic In more ways than we know, our lives are built on trash. If you stacked up all the world's old junkyard tires, they would reach to the moon and back. So what can we do with them all? How about building houses.  Invented by architect Michael Reynolds of Taos, New Mexico, Earthships are custom-built, off-the-grid houses built from recycled materials, like recycled bottles (pictured), aluminum cans, used tires,...Read More

"The American Dream" Earthships

"The American Dream Project" travelled around the United States on motorcycles visiting towns and communities in search of places where the American Dream is still alive.  In the "Taos: Innovation" episode they visited the Greater World Earthship Community and the Earthship Academy.  They spoke with Earthship Founder Michael Reynolds, Academy advisor Tom Duke and a few of the students.  They also pitched in and...Read More

The "Extraordinary" Mike Reynolds

Mike Reynolds is featured amongst 50 people who fit the category of "extraordinary." By: Peter Horsfield "Sustainable, comfortable and eco-friendly. These are just a few of the words that one can use to describe the architectural wonders called “Earthships” that were designed and constructed by Mike Reynolds, an architect with an environmentalist perspective. Mike’s designs may often be regarded by many...Read More

Earthship-Festival in Köln Holweide

Zur Feier des #earthday war das noch3 Team am Earthship-Festival in Köln Holweide mit gutem Essen und functional Training auch vertreten. #eatclean #traindirty #noch3 #earthday #earthship #easyearthshipcrew #cologne A photo posted by Noch3 Performance Center (@noch3_performance) on Apr 22, 2015 at 12:13pm PDT

Stagecoach Organic Farmer Making Progress on Earthship Project

In an update to a story we first brought you back in November 2012, Dirt Merchant Farms, which sells organic foods like fresh farm eggs, meats and vegetables in Stagecoach, has continued to build what are known as "Earthships" on their property. An earthship is a self-sustaining building made out of recyclable materials, like tires and glass bottles. He says they're more durable than traditional homes made out...Read More

Taos & The Greater World Community

Taos & The Greater World Community from go-van.com By Captn_Julz • Photos: Guillaume Beaudoin We’re producing too much trash on a daily basis, and we don’t recycle enough. We’ve already passed that point where waste management has become a problem, and not only for the Thirld World anymore. One man had a vision more than two decades ago with a new way of building houses in a sustainable way, Michael Reynolds' idea has never been as needed...Read More

About Earthship Biotecture

Earthship construction drawings are designed to meet standard building code requirements so you can get a permit no matter where you are. Earthship Biotecture is beyond LEED Architecture. Earthships are green buildings that meet standard building codes. EarthshipBiotecture is based on the work of principal architect, Michael Reynolds. (see: media resume)

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