Tomato Security

The provision of shelter, water, electricity, food and sanitation for all people is not necessarily a moralistic or spiritual thought, it is simple logic. Logic is the door to almost every issue facing humanity, the problem lies in clearing the fear and dogma away in order to see the obvious solution.  This is the case with “tomato security.”  


Our civilization’s dogma has taught us to take a strong hold and then defend what is ours against others who would take it from us.  Take for example having a secure life and home that provides all your basic necessities through encounter with earth phenomena for comfortable shelter, water, food, electricity and sanitation.  It is secure because it is not dependent upon corporate or government infrastructures which themselves are vulnerable to various corruptions, energy shortages and miscalculations. Secure sustenance is between you and the earth phenomena, no middle man needed.

This secure sustenance is available now on this planet in the form of a building we call the Earthship (presented in depth at It provides comfortable shelter via solar/thermal encounter.  It also provides its own electricity via solar/wind technology and harvests its own water in addition to containing and treating its own sewage on site.  It also inherently produces food year round.  This leaves no need for a dependency on infrastructure.  The fact that it is also built largely from recycled materials makes it a logical carbon zero approach, actually consuming the “garbage” produced by the beast of economy.  

As the planet gets more chaotic from climate change, over population and general abuse, you start to feel your secure sustenance is threatened because others do not have what you have discovered.  You have it all.  You have comfortable shelter, electricity, water, on site contained and treated sewage and enough food growing from your own food producing sustainable home to keep you and your family alive.   You have all the tomatoes you want but others around you have none because they have not discovered what you have discovered.  They have not discovered how to achieve this security for themselves.  

Your natural thought, which comes from our global fear model of thinking, is to somehow protect your tomatoes with walls and weapons.  We have had people ask us to build them Earthship communities with underground chambers from weapons and ammunition.  When we ask them why their answer is “we are going to have our lives together and we need weapons and ammo to protect ourselves from others who will want to take it from us.”  This made us think and we came up with the answer that even if you have the stomach to kill starving people who are coming after your tomatoes,  there are not enough walls and weapons to protect you and your tomatoes from all the world around you that has yet to find an approach to secure sustenance.  Your best security is for everyone within five hundred miles of you to have what you have.  If you let logic prevail, you will find that if all those around you could have what you have, why would they want to invade you?  This is the foundation of tomato logic.  Who would want or need your tomatoes when they have even better ones, their own. All that energy that you would have put into walls and weapons, you put it instead into educating the people around you to be able to find and create their own secure sustenance.  If every man, woman and child around you had everything you have through encounter with earth phenomena, then you are safe...safer than any arsenal can make you.  This is tomato security.  This is not a moralistic or spiritual endeavor.  It is an endeavor of logic.  You do not even have to love these people, you just have to make sure they have what they need, for your own safety.  If this were the logic of every powerful country in the world, can you imagine the impact?  Can you imagine what that world would be like?  Real love and inspiration could actually emerge from this soil of secure sustenance.  War budgets being spent educating people on how to sustain themselves though encounter with earth phenomena thus reducing their very need for money, amazing!  if all of this were done from a foundation and understanding of secure carbon zero living then we would be a people at peace with each other and a people at peace with the planet.  

If secure carbon zero sustenance is established and evangelized all over the planet as forcefully and prolifically as attempts to establish Christianity and capitalism, it would mean everyone learning how to provide for themselves despite economy.  This is the foundation for civilization, secure carbon zero sustenance for all people before economy. Economy becomes the result, not the means of sustaining people.  It is very simple.  We all move toward sustenance for all people of the planet.  This makes the people secure from each other.  We do this in a carbon zero, planet aware way and we have people secure from the wrath of the planet.  This ultimate security is an education and an empowerment, not a gift.  When we have achieved this for all people, we will have transcended the beast of economy and turned it into a house pet.  Its purpose not to sustain people but to entertain them.  Sustenance of all people becomes the goal of all people.

This philosophy makes you want an Earthship, but it also makes you want everyone else on the planet to have one as well. You are aware of the fluid dynamics of humans on this planet and you can, with your own Earthship, become a part of this tide.

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Earthship construction drawings are designed to meet standard building code requirements so you can get a permit no matter where you are. Earthship Biotecture is beyond LEED Architecture. Earthships are green buildings that meet standard building codes. EarthshipBiotecture is based on the work of principal architect, Michael Reynolds. (see: media resume)

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