The Race Horse and the Jockey

The earth and the people

The race is on and all the horses are nearing the finish line. It is a close race and some jockeys are whipping their horses thinking they will get more out of them. They are riding on top of this creature and whipping it to perform more. They are whipping... abusing the creature that is carrying them. One jockey understands his horse and has a rapport with it and even loves it. He just whispers in the horses ear "lets run now... lets run". This is the horse that wins the race.


This whipping of the very thing that is carrying them appears to be exactly what people are doing to the earth these days. They are riding on it and whipping and abusing it for more performance, more fuel, more water, more jewels, more...more... more. Those who whisper to the earth "lets run now... lets run" will be the ones who survive. This scenario has appeared to be a good analogy until recently. Now in recent months and years, humans seem to be like a jockey who is franticly stabbing his horse with an ice pick. All this for the prize of winning the race. Economy on the earth has taken on such a powerful role, that the people are stabbing the earth as it carries them... all to make a buck. You cannot eat money. Money cannot sustain you.

The jockeys that were whipping their horses didn't realize the damage they were doing to their relationship with the horse for the future. They just wanted to win the immediate race and collect the cash. We are whipping and stabbing our host, the earth, not realizing what will happen after this next pay check. We are not considering a relationship with the earth... a lasting relationship... just the "economics" of the immediate race. This monster, economy, has driven us to be monsters. We are fully driven by economy and for what? It will let us down, drop us ruthlessly in a heart beat.
This thing called economy has pitted us against our host the earth and each other.
Economy lies between us and peace.

Sustenance through whispering to the earth phenomena will be unarguable and stable.
It will be non corruptible. It will provide beyond any economy. It will be the foundation of civilization and the host of an insignificant economy.







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