The Argument for Decentralization

Municipalities raise tax money to build coal fired power plants and sewage treatment facilities.  There is a tremendous effort to raise funds for such projects, let alone the time involved, sometimes years.  At that point the facility has to be designed using the latest technology.  Then construction drawings are developed by architects and engineers which adds up to a huge amount of money, and possibly years more.  


The project is then built which can again take several years and even more money.  In the end the municipality has a new utility facility that took as many as ten years and millions, if not billions of dollars to manifest.  No matter what new technology may happen in the following weeks, months and years immediately after the build; the municipality is locked into using this facility for at least fifty years due to the huge investment of time and money that had already gone into the structure.  This is how economy and centralization curb evolution.  

Viruses and bacteria evolve in hours.  Single family cellular homes are built every minute somewhere in the world.  Sustainable practices must be implemented on a decentralized individual basis for evolution to happen.  If a home is built and something in the technology evolves, then the next home, the next hour will address it.  This hourly evolution puts us in a position to survive.  Fifty year evolution increments resulting from centralized mega systems are sure to be fatal to the human race.  

The Earthship concepts are singular, cellular, individual and decentralized.  They are the future.

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