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Texas Earthship Build – Nov – Dec 2012

November-December  2012.

Earthship Biotecture is looking for volunteers to join a small Earthship Crew to help with building evolutions on a 2 bedroom, 1 bath Earthship in East Texas November through December.

Work with veteran Earthship Builders learning the basic concepts of Earthships as well as advanced finish techniques.

Volunteers work on an unpaid basis and are responsible for their own transportation and lodging.  Camping will be available on site.
We will accept 5 volunteers on a first come, first served basis.

The minimum time commitment is one week. There is no sign up fee required for this project.

How to sign up: All positions have been filled. This event is full. Go to for all the latest info on current events and projects.



building with natural and recycled materials •  solar and wind electricity •  thermal/solar heating and cooling•  water harvesting •  contained sewage treatment • food production •  communities •  international projects

Desert Quest – A tale of Earthship Academy

Whoa! What a trip. Two months of pure labor intensive euphoria.
When I had first heard of Earthships, like many of you, I knew it was something special . I needed to know more, I had to get my hands dirty first hand, really, I needed to feel the magic.

After my application was approved and it really sunk in – I was super excited. Who knows what to expect. Even after reading this – you wont know either – unless you do it. Friday, day one,  was filled with meeting thirty people from all over the globe and getting a pleasant orientation with Mike Reynolds and Kirsten Jacobson (two of the three founders of the Earthship Academy along with Ron Sciarrillo.)  Later we entered our sleeping quarters, no need for a description here except for be open minded when you come and willing to have a crash course in communal living. Which for me as a person who is alone most of the time, was something I needed to experience and was glad I did.

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Texas Earthship Tour Finishing Touches

Kat Mor of Earthship Biotecture gives an overview tour of the Texas Earthship doing finishing touches. Greywater system, silt catch, Roof, Parapets, wiring, and other details.

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Interview with Intern Bret from the Texas Earthship Build

Q: Tell us about yourself
A: “My name is Bret McCormick. I am a media executive and consultant that also owns a local market digital brand management company, I am the father of 3 kids with our youngest being a senior in high school. I have been married for 27 years to the love of my life, am a native Texan, and am loving life.”

Q: Why sustainable housing?
A: “Having a total annual utility bill of $100 captured our attention in a big way. My wife and I just celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary. After some rough calculations we estimate we’ve spent in the neighborhood of $150,000 in utilities during our time together. Our latest monthly water bill was over $300 dollars for our home in suburban East Texas. One must wonder how much that will jump in the years to come. It’s safe to assume our utility bills will continue to increase exponentially as population growth fuels demand and traditional resources decline.

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Texas Earthship Build Days 19-20

from Dan Richfield at

Another two days of progress. Nothing much to note otherwise. Enjoy the photos and their descriptions!

Early morning shot from the west.

Early morning shot from the west.

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