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Who is Phil?

After graduating from Miami of Ohio University with a BED degree, Phil met up with Michael Reynolds high in the mountains above Taos and began a career that has lasted 23 years.

Phil Basehart READ MORE »

Earthship Academy Photo Contest!

Photos today mean much more than a thousand words, especially when they capture moments that changed your life! If your experience at the Earthship Academy was one of those moments and you have taken some pictures that you are willing to share with us, please send them to and enter the best Photo contest! The winner will be granted a certificate for one night for 2 people at the Lemuria Earthship!!

Simple Survival Earthship

Thinking about your Independent Study?

With the field study coming up in Salida this summer, many of you have been asking about the next and final step to graduate from the Earthship Academy.

Are you looking for an Earthship Instructor to help point you in the right direction? I’m sure you remember Tom, don’t you? Well his email is and he is now officially the Independent Study advisor. You can email him about the subjects you have in mind for your final step! READ MORE »

Waybee Updates

This beautifully finished global model Earthship called Waybee had its first tire pounded by the Earthship Academy students in March of 2014.

Five Academy sessions were dedicated to finish this building. The students built it themselves with the help of our talented crew. From door to doorknob, they worked at least 5 days a week for four weeks in full dedication to bring it to life.

One of the most amazing aspects of this field is seeing the skeleton of your work turn into a home that takes care of the people who will be occupying it. READ MORE »

Field Studies: Salida, Colorado-Updated

Earthship Elevation

This picture is an elevation of the building taking place in Salida, Colorado.

It is a customized global model Earthship split into two levels. First one consists of 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a large garage and hallway in between. As for the second level, it consists of a kitchen, a great room, a master bedroom and a large patio. READ MORE »

Earthship Academy Update: New Global Model Earthship

Global Model @ HQ being built by the Spring Academy cont.

The Academy session is already in its final few weeks and the one bedroom global model is looking more like a house every day.  The interior framing is almost completed with proper footings in place for door frames.  Electrical boxes are being installed, grey water bed has been filled and packing out of the tire wall continues.  This past week, the vigas were delivered and took all students to get them up the berm and in place.  Here are a few pictures of this process and the progress of the building.


Desert Solitaire | Community As Sacred Geometry

The expectations I brought with me to Earthship Biotecture were that I would walk away with experiences, skills, new friends, and knew that I would have no idea as to how this journey would affect my life. My goal was to set out to do the best I could, and to see what nourishes me.


Bomber, bro!

Well… week 3 is in the books.  It was a very productive week for the Academy.  On top of the construction work we accomplished this week, we also had our first set of labs.  In the labs, we got to build the WOM (water organizing module) and POM (power organizing module) from scratch with the help of Earthship crew specialists guiding us along the way.  


Academy week 3 Valves

My first blog post is starting a little late.  I’ll do my best to catch you guys up to date.  It’s week 3 and we’ve already progressed a ton in terms of classroom education, our build in the Greater World Community (they call it GDub), and the friendships within the Academy and crew.  Heeeerewego!  

I gotta say it was a tough day (Ice Cube style). We had class in the morning and construction work in the afternoon.  It got a lil’ toasty out on the mesa.


Earthship Academy: Dinner by Candlelight

Went to the Academy last night to pick up stuff for the seminar.
Ended up eating dinner with everyone. Took a couple pix but want to go back some evening with my bigger camera at sunset. The students are an amazing group of people. We ate a homemade vegetarian meal by candlelight. They have the big candelabra and candle chandelier going.
It was beautiful…we talked and laughed and I felt so lucky to be with them.



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Who is Phil?

Who is Phil?

After graduating from Miami of Ohio University with a BED degree, Phil met up with Michael Reynolds [read more]