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Earthships: Self Sufficient Homes in New Mexico

Andrew visits a community where recycled materials make a green home.

“Not only is it my first Earthship, it’s my first home” – Living in Earthships Ashton Wolfe

Recently, one of our staff members, Ashton Wolfe purchased an Earthship of her own in the Greater World Community located in the gravel pit. Closed on the 30th of August, 2012, this is not only her first Earthship, but her first house.  The house is a one bedroom, one bathroom global model Earthship that was originally built by Earthship foreman, Ron Sciarillo as a spec house (year?).  She is the first owner of this home.  Asked about her Earthship and her plans for this house, she proves to be really excited with plans to add to the Earthship in order to live as sustainably and self-contained as possible.  Ashton is ready to begin her life as a resident and member of the Greater World Community.

Global Earthship Overview

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Living Off the Grid in Earthship, New Mexico

One woman’s surreal adventures living off the grid in a New Mexico earthship, preparing for the fall of America.

When you’re living in a city, it’s easy to idealize living off the grid. It’s beautiful, it’s free, it’s radical sustainability. But out here, you learn that the system is impossible to escape.

EarthshipsMy friends west of the Mississippi are prepared for a crash. They’ve got gardens, goats, chickens, big dogs, good boots, loaded guns, composting toilets, and off-the-grid houses. They talk about it like it’s for certain. They’re not just prepared for the system to crash; they want it to. They say, I love America. I love it so much that I want it to crumble and fall. I love America so much that I want to see it reborn.

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My First Week Experiencing Earthships: 1994

The full moon is rising over the mountains to the east, bright and fat and every pine tree along the ridge is silhouetted by the moon in sharp detail like black paper cutouts.  I’m sitting out side under an archway made of empty aluminum cans and cement.  The ends of the cans shine, silvery coins, with moonlight.

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Occupy Earthships

How do you explain to people what an alternative is when they do not understand the status quo?  Stick-frame housing build with no consideration of the surrounding environment, relying on pumped in water, heat, air conditioning, electricity and pumping out its own waste at rate the municipal systems are not able to deal with.  This model for housing is horribly outdated and can and will fail at any time from interruptions in the grid, shortages of fuel….

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What is it like day to day to live in an Earthship?

Mike and his wife Diane relocated from West Palm Beach, Florida to Taos, New Mexico almost a year ago to find out just that. They spent 30 years on the east coast near the beach and nothing could make them go back to conventional housing now. They said the only reason they did not do this sooner is because they still had kids at home.

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