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Ubuntu Blox

The Ubuntu Blox concept was invented by Harvey Lacey of Texas, USA. The project was taken up by Haiti Communitere in October 2011 as a means for community outreach, and is currently being run by Tim Overton and Roxanne Duigou, two dedicated volunteers from Canada. The Ubuntu Block project is serving a dual […]

By |April 25th, 2012|

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Haiti Communitere Sustainability Social on Saturday March 31st

Haiti Communitere is pleased to announce its first Sustainability Social on Saturday March 31st. We are asking all of our partners to join us in presenting the amazing projects that make this place what it is. Earthship Biotecture will be showcased as well as Earthship projects around the world: Africa, Guatemala, China, India, Canada, etc…


By |March 24th, 2012|

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Why did we choose to help Haiti

When we first heard about the earthquake in Haiti, we donated some money to help out. We didn’t really think much more about it after the entire buzz was gone. But then, a year after the earthquake I saw some pictures of the situation down there and thought to myself, ‘They still need some help. And so I want to help them.’ I told some friends about my idea, and they liked it too.


By |March 22nd, 2012|

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