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Touchdown! Lancaster Ave Lands an Earthship



Update: Earthship Guatemala Day 6

Building has been framed for the greenhouse and cement work is continuing.  Third coat was done on the vaults and the trash bottle parapets are being raised.  The planters were dug and septic lid has been put onto the flush toilet on the east side of the building.  Plumbing for the shower and toilet and grey and black water cells were done by Lou and his team. 

 guatemala framing guatemala romeo

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Update: Earthship Guatemala Day 5

Earthship Guatemala Lunch

Continue with cementing the vault and creating the parapet behind the house.  Can walls are going up and trash and glass bottle walls are being formed .  The framing of the south facing windows is about half way completed.  The structure is beginning to be enclosed and looking more and more like a home every day.  

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Update: Earthship Guatemala Day 4

earthship guatemalaVaults/Assembly Lines/‘Outlaw’ Septic

Business as usual today for the Earthship/Long Way Home crew with 60+ volunteers.   The third vault is on, bond beams are poured and cement is being hauled up the hill by an assembly line of people throughout the whole workday.  Plaster work has begun on the east vault.  The grey water planters have been dug out as well as the ‘outlaw’ septic.  The cisterns will be moved to another location on the site because they cannot be buried behind the building and their new space has not yet been determined.

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Update: Earthship Guatemala Day 2

Today is the first day with all of our volunteers on the jobsite and with everyone’s combined help, the process moved along quite a bit.  Already, the site is changing shape and beginning to look more structured.  The groups were broken up and worked to pound tires, create the trench for the septic, bend and cut rebar for the vault, and even build an onsite outhouse.  The day was a labor-intensive day and a great learning experience for everyone on the jobsite.  

earthship construction

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Update: Earthship Guatemala Arrival Day 1

The crew arrived just late yesterday to the site in Comalapa, Guatemala, where Long Way Home is stationed.  Touring through the Technico Maya vocational school that has progressed in the past year since our last visit, we were all greatly impressed and humbled by the giant tire and trash bottle walls.  “We need to be doing this in about 100 other places in the world, like, now,” stated Mike Reynolds while settling into the upper dome of a classroom.

earthship tire wall

Romeo, the future owner of this residence, has been working with Long Way Home as a foreman and will be a sustainable ambassador for his community.  He was there to greet us when we arrived and expressed his gratitude straight away with a heartwarming smile.  

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Kapita Earthship Community Centre Project Overview

Project Build an Earthship in Rural Malawi!
The project, Kapita Earthship Community Centre, is to become a sustainable development epicentre for 38 villages and over 5000 rural people in South East Mzimba district in Malawi. We want to plant the seed of an ideal condition from which a sustainable community can grow and flourish from a radically sustainable building made with recycled materials. With a budget of US$70000, the Kapita Earthship Community Centre is to house a community bank, a mini library, a dispensary, offices and a food bank. Local labour will be wholly volunteered, so no labour costs. Read More