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Earthship permits in Australia

And Earthship Australia is live on the youtube!

First up – Martin Freney talkin plans, permits and how to go about getting your Earthship project off the ground!

More talks to come so bookmark that channel

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Earthship Workshops for Northern Australia (Cooktown and Darwin) this June-July

For those who questions whether you can adapt the earthship principles for the tropics we will be hosting a workshop in Cooktown, Queensland from the 19th July – 1st August to try out a no cement adaptation of the mini-ship design

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Earthship Australia ‘mini-ship’ workshop a success in Moe, Victoria


Well after a long wait Earthship Australia successfully hosted its first week-long project building a 10sqm ‘under-permit’ mini-ship vaulted dome with the support of a local eco-village project and 30 volunteer participants. Read More

Australia’s First Earthship – Tasmanian Documentary Premiere!

Greetings Tasmanian Earthship and sustainable building supporters!

After much waiting there’s finally an Earthship event coming up for Tassie

Come along if you’ve heard about Earthships and want to find out more or would like to sign up and join the movement starting across Australia to bring this radical sustainble architecture and living model to us here!

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Duuvy’s East Coast talk tour

duuvy-closeAcademy graduate Duuvy Jester, with a crew of dedicated humans have successfully brought Australia’s first Earthship to waterproof and lock up stage! So now Duuvy is travelling down the east coast of Australia to share the experience through a bunch of engaging, entertaining and informative talks.

Learn all about Earthships and their application to the diverse Australian environment. Hear all about the journey of the first Earthship downunder. The workshop, the alterations in design, the usage of hempcrete, the cyclonic weather, the challenges, the realities involved in undertaking this kind of project are just some of the areas of discussion that will be covered.

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Successful Workshop – Build in New Zealand.

Christchurch has been through a hard time, do doubt. Its been over 2 years since the worst quake, which threw the city into chaos and its residents into turmoil.

Its now March 2013 and a lot of the roads are still terrible, the whole central city is still closed down, there are blocks that used to be hubs that are gravel car parks and thousands of houses are red stickered and stand empty.

 Mike Reynolds took an interest in the Christchurch situation, and came to visit us in NZ for 6 days in mid March. Half of Mike’s time was filled up with public seminars to Christchurch residents, and he also managed to fit in a meeting with the Christchurch City Council, a talk to architecture students, a retro fit talk and 2 media interviews.


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Earthship Australia Update – Power to the pooper!

Good evening friends,

We sure have been busy since we spoke last. Five solid days were lost amongst a school of childish weather. The kind of weather that would make stormy Melbourne city blush like a dungeons and dragons enthusiast on his first date. Entire towns were flooded, houses destroyed and they even had to shoot livestock out from the treetops they were trapped in. That is how seriously violent the rain fell.

How did the Earthship hold up, did I hear you ask? Well…

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Update: Earthship Australia Simple Survival Build Day 8

We are rained in and it looks like we will be for some time. This small coastal town has turned biblically torrential with a soviet sky. They have promised a stage three cyclone but we will most likely receive a left-over lover in the shape of high winds. Sloppy seconds. Very interesting. I watch the crowd here, embraced in the kind of unity that cant be shaken by a little sky disco. They laugh and talk and play music as though it is mid-afternoon at Burning Man, and as the rain bellows down onto the tarp covering our camp kitchen, we know that our intent and solidarity will pull us through to the other side of this Earthly bedlam.

Earthship Australia Simple Survival

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Update: Earthship Australia Simple Survival Build

hey guys

the builds been going incredibly. the weird questions i got people to ask in hope of them aligning intention, actually worked!! the vibrations here have been really high. the photos here are of work completed after 3 days. we even have the grey water and black water cells in. at this rate we are well on schedule to finish in 2 and a half weeks from now. yesterday people were pounding until 7 at night. we have been taking 3 and a half hour breaks everyday to swim at the beach. the communal lunches have been fun. the seminar went well at the beginning. some people were in tears. and those tears were of inspiration and joy!

Earthship Australia Site Overview

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Christchurch: Zero Waste New Zealand

The South Island’s largest city, Christchurch, is a city of warm, friendly people, beautiful gardens and open spaces. It has a lively entertainment scene, strong cultural heritage, lots of sports facilities and good shopping. Christchurch’s special character is most obvious in its glorious parks and gardens, which led it to win the International Garden City Award.

With a huge range of recreational activities and attractions on offer visitors can enjoy active or more leisurely pursuits the whole year round.

There is never a dull moment in this very special city. Throughout the year Christchurch proudly celebrates over a dozen festivals with themes covering everything from music to comedy, books to buskers, and the arts to gardens.

The city also plays host to numerous international sporting events each year.

The Christchurch City Council’s goal is zero residual disposal of waste to landfill.
A policy of Zero Waste was adopted in December 1998.

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