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Academy classroom tour

Earthship Academy instructor Tom Duke walks you through the Academy classroom at the Greater World Earthship Community and shows you where students have their lecture classes and do their hands-on systems labs.  At the end there is a brief peek at the inside of the EVE (Earthship Village Ecologies) project.

Reciclaje de materiales en Rapa Nui: cómo se construye el nuevo proyecto del “Guerrillero de la Basura”

El arquitecto estadounidense Michael Reynolds, más conocido como “guerrillero de la basura”, aterrizó en Chile en noviembre de 2014 para comenzar la construcción de su segundo proyecto en sudamérica: un nuevo edificio autosustentable para la Escuela de Música de Rapa Nui, fundada por la concertista Mahani Teave y el constructor pascuense Enrique Icka.

La escuela tiene 70 alumnos y 200 en lista de espera, y ha funcionado -hasta el día de hoy- en espacios provisorios que no cumplían con las condiciones óptimas para la realización de sus actividades cotidianas. El diseño del edificio se basa en el prototipo “flor”, probado por Reynolds en otras latitudes de similares características climáticas, el que básicamente es una planta octogonal con siete salas multiuso y un acceso, además de baños y espacios de almacenamiento. Read More

EB Academy Works on Local Humanitarian Effort




IMG_5347    Academy 2014 – Session 2

There have been several hits on a Global Model Earthship being built for a Taos family who was displaced after losing their home in Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Last year, we had 35 students and several crew members begin the tire pounding and within a week’s time were able to complete the 9 courses of the main structural tire wall. The Bilal family has been in Taos since that time and have been the focus of our local humanitarian effort.

Since last spring, Earthship Biotecture has donated time and labor working with our interns, Academy students and various high school groups towards enclosing and eventually finishing the Bilal family’s Earthship. Several groups have worked with us over the year to pack out the back tire wall creating more support and preparing for the roof to go on. Read More

Earthship Academy Global Session: Argentina

Argentine Academy promo b and w 1 small Instruction Ushuaia

Earthship Academy Global Session

Ushuaia, Argentina
January 6-31, 2014

We are pleased to announce the very first Earthship Academy Global Session.  The Earthship Academy offers extensive training in Earthship design principles, construction methods and philosophy.  The Earthship Academy has trained over 200 students from around the world.  We are building an Earthship Army and the Academy offers education for those who are excited to learn and expand the Earthship concept globally.  This is the first time we are offering a session outside our headquarters in Taos, New Mexico.

We will teach hands-on building techniques while constructing a 2U Simple Survival Earthship.  This structure is going to be a public art project.  The space will be an educational sculpture used to demonstrate Earthship technology while helping to clean up the coastline by using trash in the construction process.  Read More

Earthship Academy Update: New Global Model Earthship

Global Model @ HQ being built by the Spring Academy cont.

The Academy session is already in its final few weeks and the one bedroom global model is looking more like a house every day.  The interior framing is almost completed with proper footings in place for door frames.  Electrical boxes are being installed, grey water bed has been filled and packing out of the tire wall continues.  This past week, the vigas were delivered and took all students to get them up the berm and in place.  Here are a few pictures of this process and the progress of the building.

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Earthship Academy Grad Profile: Lara Buelow

Lara Buelow Earthship Academy StudentAcademy Session: Fall 2011

What drew you to enroll in the Earthship Academy program?

I am inspired by the Earthship concepts and unusual design. I am incredibly curious about urban planning and sustainable design, especially incorporating humanitarian work and focusing on communities with less modern resources.

What was your favorite aspect of the academy? Why?

I think the combined package is another aspect that drew me into the academy. I considered the internship, but I also wanted the theoretical and practical knowledge behind the construction. That being said, I enjoyed working outside everyday, living in New Mexico, and building relationships with my fellow students and with the Earthship crew. I love the design aspect of developing the projects. As far as the physical labor, I loved laying can walls, the occasional tire pounding session was awesome, and learning about mixing concrete/mud, those were my favorites. I liked learning about plants and food production, but felt that our group did not have much time to incorporate these elements in practice.

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Earthship Academy Grad Profile: Mike Wird

Earthship Academy Mike WirdAcademy Session: Fall 2011

I heard about Earthships through word of mouth and then saw them featured in a video about permaculture.  I then took my family and friends decided to bring kids come to Taos in February of 2010 and we rented out the Phoenix Earthship.  I was hooked after that. 

It was cold and dry in Taos and the interior of the building was beautiful, warm, moist and functional.  I went to Visitor Center and bought all of the books and read them. I decided to enroll in the internship program as this was before the Earthship Academy was established. 

After several visits to the website in attempt to enroll in the internship, I saw the academy program. When I was accepted into the program I moved my whole family out to Taos for the duration of the academy, including my 8-month pregnant wife (who ended up giving birth in an Earthship in the Greater World Community).

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Midnight in Taos

duuvy2by David Duuvy, former Earthship Academy Student

“Hey Dave. You remember Campbell, don’t you? Well, he is heading out somewhere in New Mexico to build these wacky homes made out of trash. You should check em’ out”. That was the post coital whisper that started it all.

I was running a cafe at the time. It was in an old warehouse littered amongst an industrial estate turned hip retreat for your average mortgage wielding yuppie with pressed jeans, pressed shirt, pressed time and an unimpressed gaze of longing, Brunswick Australia.

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My Earthship Academy Experience

Hello, my name is Gonzalo and I’m from Chile.  I had the most amazing experience of my life a couple of months ago in Taos, NM learning how to build Earthships…  For the first time in my life I didn’t feel alone.
16 years ago, when I just a kid, my dad took me with him and a couple of his friends to build “mediaguas” (3×6 meters-big emergency social homes), for poor people who live nearby Santiago.  That was the first time I affronted the housing problem in Chile… I couldn’t stop crying when I would pray at night remembering how thankful these people were for their new home and remembering the exact words my father said to them when we gave them the house: “sorry for the little, but we don’t have anymore to give, for now.”

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Earthship Australia Workshop – Encountering Earth Phenomena

duuvy promo1

a start to finish build/workshop with Earthship Acamedy graduate, Duuvy Jester

Hello there, one and all! Thank you for gathering here to read about an upcoming opportunity to learn about the wonders of Biotecture. We are going to be conducting a start to finish build in Queensland, Australia. The Earthship design concept and systems are going to be applied to the subtropical climate of the area. The cement content is going to be replaced with hempcrete. Hempcrete is a masonry that is made from hemp fibers and a lime based binder. It is light weight, low embodied energy and does not require kiln baking. This is going to be the first building of its type to be built using hemp. Exciting times! The site is on a residential permaculture plot. We would like to invite you to come and get involved.

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