Earthships are off-the-grid buildings that harvest their own electricity and are powered 100% by renewable energies. While solar and wind energy production are especially important in Earthship homes, it is also possible to add other power sources, such as micro-hydro-electric power or even grid-tie the buildings, if the owner so desires.

The Power Organizing Module

For convenience, we design and build power modules that include the most up-to-date, reliable renewable power generation technology. These systems are called POMs, or Power Organizing Modules, and contain all the equipment necessary to power a building from renewable sources. Earthship Biotecture builds in many parts of the country and across the globe, so we have great expertise with local regulations, and prepare the POM to respect and comply with code anywhere. POMs can be sold separately, to install in conventionally built houses, and are designed so that an electrician can wire a house in a perfectly conventional way according to codes and regulations, interfacing with the POM (and renewable power generation) only through conventional breaker boxes. Conventional appliances (such as laptop computers and washing machines) can be used normally in a building powered by the POM. If the POM is intended for an Earthship building, no heating power is necessary, as Earthships passively heat themselves.

POMs can be adapted to the power needs of the client, going from simple modules to run basic appliances (most affordable) to systems that are able to handle the average conventional household power requirements, or even to more complex units that respond to the needs of the most power demanding costumer.

A typical POM will contain solar panels and mounting racks, combiner box, charge controller(s), battery bank, load center, DC to AC electricity inverter, and AC and DC breaker boxes. We will assemble all the components and install them.

For more information on the POM, please email or call (+1) 575-751-0462.

Wind Generation

We build vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT), optimized for reliability, durability and reduced maintenance. As opposed to horizontal axis wind turbines, VAWTS have a much smaller down time for maintenance, despite some decrease in efficiency.


This project is under development.