Earthships include their own utilities made on site. An Earthship uses little to no fossil fuels to provide modern amenities. We are simply adapting our needs to the already existing activities of the planet.


From the sky (rain & snow melt). Uses it four times.

From the sun and the wind stored in batteries and supplied to your electrical outlets via a prepackaged power system.

Sewage Treatment
Indoor and outdoor treatment cells contain, use and reuse all household sewage (greywater and blackwater). Use any kind of flush toilet.

Comfort in Any Climate
From only the sun and the earth. Maintain comfortable temperatures all year with no fossil fuels.

Healthy and free, grown from interior and exterior botanical cells. All plants are highly functional and play a direct role in taking care of you.


Retrofit your home or office with Earthship Biotecture.

Add some or all of the Earthship Systems to your building.

– Reduce and even eliminate your utility bills.

– Get ALL of your electricity from the sun and the wind.

– Catch water from the sky for drinking, bathing, cleaning, showering, washing, flushing, etc.

– Contain and treat ALL of the sewage you produce in a healthy and beautiful way.

– Maintain comfortable temperatures in your building ALL year long, in any climate. Reduce or even eliminate your heating and cooling bills.