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Unique, fully furnished homes to experience
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Follow the Earthship Concept as it evolves. Of the People, For the People, By the People. As Earthships are built around the world, new methods, new ideas and amazing things happen. Following Earthship builders, Michael Reynolds (earthship creator), Owner Builders and more…

TBT: The Hut Earthship

The Hut Earthship was built in 1999 and incorporated techniques developed while doing a […]

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Earthship Academy 2016

In 2016, the Earthship Academy enters it’s fifth full year of existence. To date over 600 students from all over the world have attended the program here in Taos, New Mexico and our Global Sessions.
During the 2015 sessions Academy students completed a Global Model Earthship (the latest Earthship design) at the Greater World Earthship Community, started 3 new Earthship buildings, worked on the Earthship Village Ecologies project which is now housing its first residents and continued work on a residence for a local family who lost their house in Hurricane Katrina. During our Global Session in Patagonia students and instructors built the main structure of an Earthship travelers’ hostel. […]


JANUARY page of a new Earthship calendar

It is a protoype for a whole calendar for 2016

please contact for a free printable 11×17 file of this month

we suggest you print on photo paper glossy at 11×17

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“Live Simple Survival so that others may simply live.”

The Simple Survival Earthship design evolved from years of research and development both at the Greater World Community and on projects around the world.
Based on the classic “U” Earthship module, the Simple Survival features a vaulted roof similar to the Hut Earthship design and a double greenhouse and cooling tubes like the Global Model.  The Simple Survival is designed to provide comfortable temperatures in any climate without back-up heating or cooling.