Earthship Engineer Report

Evaluation of the seismic performance of alternative construction materials in New Mexico. Prepared for the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Also in the Engineer’s Report is a portion of the engineering evaluation of the Dennis Weaver Earthship, 10,000 square feet near Ridgeway, Colorado.

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Offgasing Report

It is a common question whether the tires we use for the Earthship walls offgas. This has been studied in detail, and the answer is negative. Earthships are safe buildings to live in! To find out more about this study and results, please follow the link


Temperature stability in Global Model Earthships

The graph below shows the temperature in a Global Model, monitored throughout a year in Taos, New Mexico. Of course, the results reflect only the house’s passive heating and cooling mechanisms. No external or active sources of heating have been used.


Source: Ph. D. thesis of Martin Freney, Earthship Architecture: post occupancy evaluation, thermal performance & life cycle assessment, University of Adelaide, 2014.