The Most Versatile and Economical building design in the world.
An Earthship is a radically sustainable building made of recycled materials.

An Earthship is defined by the following Six Principles.

Thermal/Solar Heating & Cooling
Solar & Wind Electricity
Contained Sewage Treatment
Built with Natural & Recycled Materials
Water Harvesting
Food Production

An Earthship is a new kind of building, a new kind of architecture. It is so new, we call it Biotecture. However, we have been doing this for over 40 years.

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An Earthship is a building that will take care of you, while still being sustainable, affordable, strong and meeting your local building codes.

Earthship Biotecture is a design/construction company based in Taos, NM, USA.
We travel the world teaching and building Earthships for people.
Contact us at the Earthship World Headquarters… Visit, stay a while, build with us. How many Earthships can we build together?

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Earthships provide security in economically unsecure times.

Earthships cost about the same as a conventional home, but a conventional home does not come with all the electricity and water you will use. A conventional home is bad for the planet, is not strong and uses materials that require a lot of fossil fuels to manufacture and get to your building site.

kitchen_planterEarthships can provide you with carbon credits, tax incentives and a higher resale value.

Design / Construction Services:

Single family residence, Residential developments, Commercial Structures, Demonstration and Disaster Relief Projects.


Earthship Biotecture
PO Box 1041 / Taos, NM 87571
575-751-0462 (questions)
1-(800)-841-9249 (store)

Earthship “Build” Opportunities

Earthship “Builds” are opportunities to work side by side with our crew in locations all over the globe. Most builds will take an Earthship from to start to finish. Interns participating in these builds pay a registration fee and are responsible for their own accommodations, food and travel. Lunch is provided. Build Opportunities are posted on the front page of this site as they become available.


Earthship Intern Program

The Earthship Intern Program is a month long live/work/learn experience at our headquarters in Taos, New Mexico. Participants will live in an Earthship and work up to five days per week on Earthship projects in the Greater World Community.

Interns participating in this program pay a housing fee and are responsible for their own food and transportation. Those who complete the session will earn a certificate to attend an Earthship Seminar for free and may attend Academy classes at a discounted rate.


Earthship Biotecture Academy

The Earthship Biotecture Academy offers extensive training in Earthship design principles, construction methods and philosophy. Academy classes, labs, tours and hands-on construction techniques are led by Michael Reynolds and a staff of top Earthship builders, electricians, plumbers, plant specialists and educators. We are building an Earthship Army and the Academy offers education for those who are excited to learn and live the Earthship philosophy and help expand it globally. We will be offering 5 Academy sessions in 2014 in Taos, New Mexico.