Many Earthship inspired builds and educational opportunities happen around the world constantly. The goal of HELP is to connect project hosts to people interested in learning and working on Earthship inspired buildings (non-sanctioned by Earthship Biotecture).

HELP is the most affordable way to exchange knowledge on Earthship inspired building techniques and systems, as well as of getting hands-on experience. Hosts can register their builds on HELP by following the Host link to advertise their projects. There is a one time $100 annual fee for registering each project. Participants can obtain the hosts’ contact details for a project in a location of their interest by sending an email to It is the participant’s responsibility to initiate contact with the hosts and negotiate the attendance conditions.

Participants can find projects are flagged in the project map according to estimated fees. Green flags represent participation fees between $0-$100; yellow $100-$500; red over $500 (all prices in USD).

Disclaimer: Earthship Biotecture is not liable for unsuccessful negotiations between hosts and participants, nor is it responsible for content quality or conditions of the projects. The HELP program is solely a means to put hosts of Earthship inspired projects and interested, potential participants in contact. Furthermore, by signing up to HELP, hosts agree to share their contact details with interested participants.
To register your Earthship inspired project, please click here.