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EARTHSHIP GRAND CENTRAL is providing links to all Earthship Biotecture activities around the world.

The original true “Earthship” is a “machine” developed by Michael Reynolds. It is the result of forty- five years of research and development into the biology and physics of this planet as they relate to housing vessels that are designed to sustain human life here on earth a while longer.

The word “Earthship” is fast becoming synonymous with sustainable off grid housing all over the world and is being used as such in many efforts and attempts at sustainable housing. We are happy with this as it helps to point people in the direction of thinking that we think is appropriate for the future.

The are hundreds of Earthship enthusiasts (some of them are Earthship interns, apprentices and academy graduates) out in the world at this point. They have worked with Earthship Biotecture, studied, helped, gotten inspired and inspired. They are like an army of people wanting to make the world a better place. They are making efforts and attempts at pursuing the Earthship concepts around the world. Some of these efforts and attempts have been successful and some have been near disasters. Nevertheless, they are moving people into thinking in the right direction for us to have a future. Some of these efforts are worth recognizing as Earthship places of interest around the world. They are represented by orange flags on the global map below. This illustrates Earthship type activity and thinking around the world.

Actual Earthship Biotecture builds, events and academy sessions run by original and seasoned Earthship staff are represented by the green flags.

For ongoing Earthship inspired projects that are not an actual production of Earthship Biotecture, please see the HELP page (url:

Please contact us if you have questions – 575 751 0462 – and understand that this site is a work in progress. Earthship project and activities are being added every week..


Grand Central


malawi africa sml
Earthship Biotecture Malawi, Africa – sanctioned 7/11/13

sierraleon sml
Earthship Biotecture Sierra Leon – sanctioned 7/22/13

Earthship Biotecture El Bolson, Argentina – March, 2015

argentina ushuaia sml
Earthship Biotecture Ushuaia, Argentina – sanctioned 12/2/13

ironbank sml
Earthship Biotecture Ironbank – sanctioned 7/17/13

melbourne sml
Earthship Biotecture Melbourne – recognized effort not sanctioned by Earthship Biotecture

lapaz sml
Earthship Biotecture Bolivia, La Paz – sanctioned 7/31/13

cambodia sml
Earthship Biotecture Cambodia – recognized effort not sanctioned by Earthship Biotecture

alberta sml
Earthship Biotecture Built July 2014

lasquetiisland sml
Earthship Biotecture Lasqueti Island – sanctioned 7/29/13

china sml
Earthship Biotecture China – sanctioned 7/24/13

easter island sign3
Earthship Biotecture Easter Island – November 17 – December 12

guatemala sml
Earthship Biotecture Guatemala – sanctioned 7/17/13

haiti sml
Earthship Biotecture Haiti – sanctioned 7/23/13

zwolle sml
Earthship Biotecture Holland – sanctioned 7/31/13

india sml
Earthship Biotecture India – sanctioned 7/29/13

jamaica negril sml
Earthship Biotecture Jamaica – sanctioned 7/24/13

mexico todos santos sml
Earthship Biotecture Mexico – sanctioned 9/24/13

newzealand sml
Earthship Projects in New Zealand – recognized 3/1/14

earthship nicaragua
Earthship Projects in Nicaragua

philippines sml
Earthship Biotecture Philippines – sanctioned 12/23/13

Earthship Biotecture Portugal– recognized effort not sanctioned by Earthship Biotecture

earthship romania
Earthship Romania – sanctioned 7/29/14

spain valencia sml
Earthship Biotecture Valencia, Spain – sanctioned 7/23/13

sweden sml
Earthship Biotecture Sweden – sanctioned 6/27/13

detroit sml
Earthship Biotecture Detroit – recognized 3/30/14

ithaca sml
Earthship Biotecture Ithaca – sanctioned 9/5/13

montana sml
Earthship Biotecture Montana – sanctioned 6/27/13

seattle sml
Earthship Biotecture Seattle – sanctioned 9/30/13

vermont sml
Earthship Biotecture Vermont – sanctioned 8/29/13