Radically Sustainable Buildings: “. . . the Earthship is the epitome of sustainable design and construction.
No part of sustainable living has been ignored in this ingenious building.”


Global Model

For the developed world is the Global Model. It can be modified for almost any climate and comes in many sizes. It can also come in custom sizes.


Vaulted Global Model

The latest Earthship design. Better, more efficient in terms of performance and construction. Fits better into the hands of the people.


Simple Survival Model

Energy shortages and dwindling natural resources are making us look at smaller, more planet dynamic housing.


Packaged Model

A very simple and economical version of the Earthship concept in terms of construction and building.


Custom Designs

The Earthship is a participant in the prevailing systems of planet earth. It causes no conflict, no stress, no depletion, no trauma to the planet earth.


Earthship Villages

We have observed a social need for people to interact and be near each other and, in fact, help sustain each other.



Add some or all of the Earthship Systems to your building.


Global Relief

Build stronger, more resilient structures giving people the power and education to build/help themselves and others.


Earthships for Sale

Earthships for Sale. Earthships provide security in economically unsecure times.


Design Principles
Thermal & Solar Heating and Cooling
Solar & Wind ElectricityWater Harvesting
Contained Sewage Treatment
Building with Natural & Recycled Materials
Food Production