Earthship Model Kit Fundraiser – Eric Ficinus’ Independent Study

Earthship Model Kit is a 32 page full color booklet, that includes up-to-date and easy to understand diagrams explaining how Earthship technology works. It includes a build-able Earthship model with easy to understand and step-by-step instructions. The paper model is a detailed, scaled-down 900sq ft one- bedroom Global Model Earthship. Educate yourself, your friends, family or your students […]


Simple Ways to Reduce Waste at Home

Simple Ways to Reduce Waste at Home Preventing environmental damage sounds like a near-impossible mission, one that would take the whole world banding together to accomplish. But you don’t have to turn your whole life upside down or wait for a movement to be part of the solution rather than the problem. You can take […]


Michael Reynolds addresses the Flint, MI water crisis

In this short clip Michael Reynolds talks about the Flint, MI water crisis.  He points out that in New Mexico, where we only get 8″ of annual precipitation, we are able to build buildings that harvest, filter and use their own water four times.  Flint gets 40″ of annual precipitation and it should be be […]


TBT: Hut-Inspired Modular Earthship

The Hut-Inspired Modular Earthship was built in 2005 and was designed for clients who stayed in the Hut Earthship when it was a nightly rental and loved the building so much that they wanted to build one like it.  The floor plan of the Hut consisted of two round tire rooms connected with a angled […]


TBT: The Corner Cottage

The Corner Cottage was built in 2007 and was the first Earthship to feature a second greenhouse along the entire front face.  The floor plan of the Corner Cottage was similar to a two bedroom Packaged Earthship but with the continuous angled front face and gray water planters added in front.  Corner Cottage was one […]


TBT: The Hut Earthship

The Hut Earthship was built in 1999 and incorporated techniques developed while doing a disaster relief demo in Honduras after Hurricane Mitch.  The floor plan of the Hut consisted of two round tire rooms connected with a angled greenhouse containing the kitchen, bathroom and grey water planter.  A Systems Package was built on the east […]


Holiday Special at the Earthship Store!

The holidays are quickly approaching and if you are left wondering what to give this year that’s more meaningful than another sweater or fruitcake, consider giving the gift of Earthships!  What better way to show that you care, than with a gift that gives back? Earthship Biotecture wishes you a happy holiday season with discounts throughout our […]


Earthship Academy 2016

In 2016, the Earthship Academy enters it’s fifth full year of existence. To date over 600 students from all over the world have attended the program here in Taos, New Mexico and our Global Sessions. During the 2015 sessions Academy students completed a Global Model Earthship (the latest Earthship design) at the Greater World Earthship Community, started 3 new […]


JANUARY page of a new Earthship calendar

It is a protoype for a whole calendar for 2016 please contact for a free printable 11×17 file of this month we suggest you print on photo paper glossy at 11×17


“Live Simple Survival so that others may simply live.”

The Simple Survival Earthship design evolved from years of research and development both at the Greater World Community and on projects around the world. Based on the classic “U” Earthship module, the Simple Survival features a vaulted roof similar to the Hut Earthship design and a double greenhouse and cooling tubes like the Global Model. […]


Engineering for change: Earthship Biotecture’s Six Best Practices for Sustainable Architecture

Referring to the Earthship Design Principles, these six points guide all design and retrofit that make the Earthship the most integrated and autonomous example of sustainable design available. Read the article below published by Engineering for Change and written by Charles Newman, architect and Earthship Academy student.


TBT: The Hybrid Earthship

The Hybrid Earthship was built in 2004 and was a predecessor to the Global Model Earthship.  The design combined the simplicity and performance of the Packaged Earthship with the artistry and curves of the Modular Earthship.  The Hyrbid was the first Earthship to incorporate the double greenhouse in the design and a marked increase in […]