Academy students spend half of their time learning and working on Earthship construction projects.  For the sessions that take place in Taos, New Mexico students work on multiple projects at the Greater World Earthship Community and in Taos area.  For Global Sessions students work on one project from start to finish.  Work groups range in size from 4-7 students per instructor, providing an intimate learning environment.

academy_handson2Classes on Job Site Safety, Power Tools Use and Safety, Earthship Layout and Earthship Terminology help students navigate the construction site confidently and effectively.  Though many Academy students have a background in construction, it is not a requirement and hands-on classes are taught with the assumption no prior knowledge.  The knowledge gained during the hands-on portion of the Academy sessions is invaluable when students continue on to complete their Field Studies requirement by working with the crew for a month on a start-to-finish Earthship build.

Many Academy students have gone on to build their own Earthship and Earthship-inspired projects after completing their session.  Pending staff approval, such projects can satisfy the Independent Study requirement.

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