MR-lectureEarthship Academy students spend half their time in the classroom and half on the work site.  Classes are held in the Academy Classroom at the EVE (Earthship Village Ecologies) Compound.  Classes are taught by experienced Earthship staff including top builders, plumbers, electricians, plant specialists and Earthship founder Michael Reynolds.

The Earthship Academy is an intense, immersive experience.  School is in session six days a week for the month duration of each session.  There is a group homework assignment during the session and a final exam at the end.

Classes are typically one and a half to two hours long.

Earthship Academy Classes

History and Evolution of the Earthship Concept
Thermal/Solar Heating and Cooling
Building with Natural and Recycled Materials
Water Harvesting, Storage and Filtration
Contained Sewage Treatment
The Water Organizing Module
The Gray Water Panel
How to Read Earthship Construction Drawings
Whitenboard3Earthship Types
Simple Survival Earthships
Simple Survival Systems
Earthship Finishing Options and Techniques
Food Production in Earthships
Introduction to Aquaponics
Basics of Electricity
Solar and Wind Electric Systems in Earthships-
The Power Organizing Module
Earthship Job Site Safety
Earthship Terminology
Building Permit Process for Earthships
Earthship Village Ecologies, Test Sites and Colonies
Earthship Retrofit for Conventional Homes
Earthship Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Projects
Earthship Project Planning and Staging
The Owner/Builder Earthship Experience
Earthships in the Context of “Sustainable Architecture”
Academy Independent Study Overview for Proposals