West Mountain USA

First Earthship grown Papayas harvested on this snowy Fall day of October 16 th 2013.

Today is a another good day in the realm of Earthship Food Production.

We woke up to 2 inches of snow today, with outside temperatures around 35 degrees F, this morning.

winter papayas

I picked the first Earthship grown Papaya, looking out the front face of our office, at the earth berms of the Survival Pods in front of us, covered in a light dusting of snow. In my hand I held the first succulent, sweet smelling papaya, that I had grown from seed in our office at Earthship Headquarters, on the Greater World Community, Taos, New Mexico. Read More

Spring, 2013 Academy: 1Bed Global Model Build Begins

spring Academy update from the job site – building a one bedroom global model in the Greater World Community

first courses of tires, Q&A with Phil, cooling tubes, thermal wrap


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Spring, 2013 Academy: Week 2

earthship spring academy week 2 – systems classes, tire pounding cont., thermal wrap, cisterns/plumbing, subfloors, prepping for concrete footing, moving dirt.


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Earthship Denver – March 22 – 24 2013

Denver Earthship Workshop with Michael Reynolds 

“Sustainable Autonomy for Everyone – S.A.F.E.”
March 22, 23, 24, 2013 at Green Spaces in Denver, Colorado
Michael Reynolds, Internationally Acclaimed Earthship Creator Leads Workshop.
tickets at http://earthship.com/colorado

download this poster: jpg | pdf

denver poster 1

More Earthships taking shape in Eastern Montana

The Miles City Earthship built for Scott Elder and Karla Lund is not the only one in Eastern Montana.

Next door, artists Tucker and Glenna Bolton, are building one themselves.

The couple has already spent two summers working on its construction and hope to have half the house ready to occupy this winter as they continue working on the rest.

North of Big Timber, on 64 acres with a killer view of several mountain ranges, Monte Koch has hired an Earthship crew to build his home.

Led by Earthship pioneer Michael Reynolds, a crew spent two weeks working on Koch’s home last fall, building the rear tire wall and shaping the terrain around it.

Next September, the group will return for about a month to complete the shell. Koch will work with local contractors to finish the interior.

Koch, 48, was raised in Billings and graduated from the University of Montana. Although he works with commercial real estate in Dallas, Texas, he has always planned to eventually return to Montana.

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Earthship experience: 8 weeks, 650 tires, thousands of pop cans

Tucked into a bluff above the Yellowstone River, an architect known as the “Garbage Warrior” built a home with walls made from cast-off tires and empty soda cans.

The home’s south face, an angled wall of glass, rises over a greenhouse bathed in sunlight reflected off the snow-covered hills east of Miles City. Its other three sides are sunk into the hillside. 

Last summer, a work crew and volunteers rammed dirt into tires to create 650 steel-belted “bricks,” which were stacked in rows, nine tires high.

Empty soda pop cans and beer bottles cemented side by side and covered with adobe mud became the interior walls of the eco-friendly home built by longtime Miles City residents Scott Elder and Karla Lund.

montana miles city1

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Estancia, New Mexico October 2012 Update

The Earthship crew has recently begun a new build in its headquarters’ home state.  The clients are working to begin a new life living off the grid by building a 1-bedroom global model Earthship in a small rural town outside of Albuquerque called Estancia.  Crewmembers have been called down for different stages in the building process for periods of time spanning 1-4 weeks at a time.  There have been two separate monthly groups of interns with representation from all over the United States and other countries such as New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico, Canada and the Czech Republic.  This build is scheduled for two months for completion, September-October 2012.  

estancia oview

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Estancia, NM Earthship Build Report

For the past 6 weeks, Tim and I traveled around the West between Utah, Nevada, and California.  I am now writing this from Washington, where I study at The Evergreen State College, and Tim is still at the build site.  We are originally from Southern California, a place whose natural beauty made it easy to fall in love with nature.  Our shared interests in sustainability, Seasteading, permaculture, and “off-the-grid” lifestyles lead us to discover Earthship Biotecture.  When we found out about the opportunity to help build an Earthship in New Mexico, we jumped on it. 

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ATLANTIS 2012: Forming the Rooftop Foundation at the Estancia, NM Earthship

from the Alliance of Conscious Documentarians at acdmedia.wordpress.com (be sure to visit their website)

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ATLANTIS 2012: Forming the Rooftop Foundation – http://acdmedia.wordpress.com

[iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/HRI3DQe1nUA” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]


ATLANTIS 2012: Meet Charlotte Hodgson, Earthship Intern

from the Alliance of Conscious Documentarians at acdmedia.wordpress.com (be sure to visit their website)


ATLANTIS 2012: Meet Charlotte Hodgson, Earthship Intern – http://acdmedia.wordpress.com

[iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/W_bZbef43uE” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]