Global Model

Global Model Earthship Testimonial

Earthship Global Model: Comfort in Any Climate. Testimonial: “-9 outside. Sunny. Gaining so much power. House 70. F****** Awesome! “

Spring, 2013 Academy: 1Bed Global Model Build Begins

spring Academy update from the job site – building a one bedroom global model in the Greater World Community

first courses of tires, Q&A with Phil, cooling tubes, thermal wrap


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Spring, 2013 Academy: Week 2

earthship spring academy week 2 – systems classes, tire pounding cont., thermal wrap, cisterns/plumbing, subfloors, prepping for concrete footing, moving dirt.


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Spring, 2013 Academy: grey water planter beds being lined

new global model grey water planter beds being lined – spring academy


spring academy global model @HQ

all hands on deck for vigas going on the building this week


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Spring 2013 Earthship Academy Complete.

The Spring Academy has finished up and we are grateful for the experience.  A new 1-br global model has been begun in the Greater World community.  Thank you again student of the Spring academy!


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Earthship Academy Update: New Global Model Earthship

Global Model @ HQ being built by the Spring Academy cont.

The Academy session is already in its final few weeks and the one bedroom global model is looking more like a house every day.  The interior framing is almost completed with proper footings in place for door frames.  Electrical boxes are being installed, grey water bed has been filled and packing out of the tire wall continues.  This past week, the vigas were delivered and took all students to get them up the berm and in place.  Here are a few pictures of this process and the progress of the building.

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Estancia, New Mexico October 2012 Update

The Earthship crew has recently begun a new build in its headquarters’ home state.  The clients are working to begin a new life living off the grid by building a 1-bedroom global model Earthship in a small rural town outside of Albuquerque called Estancia.  Crewmembers have been called down for different stages in the building process for periods of time spanning 1-4 weeks at a time.  There have been two separate monthly groups of interns with representation from all over the United States and other countries such as New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico, Canada and the Czech Republic.  This build is scheduled for two months for completion, September-October 2012.  

estancia oview

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Estancia, New Mexico Earthship Build. 10 day report.

from the Alliance of Conscious Documentarians at (be sure to visit their website)

To Our Global Community,

It’s been about a week and a half since our departure from New York City to Albuquerque (ABQ), New Mexico, to document the Earthship build outside of Estancia (60 miles out from ABQ) and the daily grind has been full blown since then. We have had many, many obstacles (from small to big things, like discovering we did not have warm enough attire to be sleeping in a van in below 40 degree weather – yes the desert gets freezing out here without the sun, and running out of money for gas, for example), but our spirits are bright and optimistic — besides, there’s no turning back now!

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Ecological Impact of Earthships

Life Cycle Assessment of Earthship Architecture

PhD research by Martin Freney, PhD Candidate, University of Adelaide
School of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design


The aim of my research is to quantify the ecological impacts of Earthships in comparison to other housing types. Of particular interest is the wall construction methods as this is major component of the house and there are many theories (and myths) about which wall construction methods perform best in terms of energy efficiency and embodied energy. Furthermore there, is very little information available regarding the thermal properties of the Earthship’s rammed earth tyre wall.

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