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BUILDING a house is a big job.

With this in mind, Nimbin-based company Terraeden Biotecture has come up with a solution to make building a home easier – get as many people as possible to help.

The company’s unique attitude toward building sees participants physically build an “Earthship” home through community workshops.

Over the course of the build, participants learn practical skills and theory about things such as permaculture and law.

Terraeden design facilitator Duuvy Jester said he could come up with a design for any home based on a client’s budget.

“Not everyone can afford the labour costs, so the people who are coming to do the build get a reasonably priced education that gives them real skills and the people building the house get their labour cost cut out,” Mr Jester said. Read More

Today we have a ripe pineapple at the Earthship Visitor Center

See how amazing Earthships are….

The temperature out here on the Greater World Community mesa, went to 12 degrees BELOW last night (12/9/13,) and the high today is 26 degrees, with snow drifts all over the place outside. Read More

Live Stream: Omega’s Where We Go From Here Weekend Conference

earthship events

Conference Live Stream, Plus a Keynote by President Bill Clinton: 10/05/2013 10/06/2013

FREE Live Stream: Omega’s Where We Go From Here weekend conference.

You’ll hear keynote addresses from top leaders in sustainability—Jeremy Rifkin, Majora Carter, David W. Orr, Janine Benyus, Paul Hawken, Rob Hopkins, Michael E. Reynolds, Bob Berkebile, and President Bill Clinton. There will also be plenty of conversation and a panel discussion between selected speakers. Read More

Earthship Stained Glass

I began working with stained glass 7 years ago, creating windows for Michael Reynolds’ Earthship homes in New Mexico and Montana. Some windows represent specific requests from clients, others were my own design, all are one of a kind originals. Read More

Earthship Queensland Update – July 2013

Greetings Earthship supporters,
Well we have just returned from a successful 2 week workshop to get more done on final finishing of the 2 U survival pod in on the discovery coast in Queensland, Australia.

The project was run as a volunteer participation workshop, similar to the projects run in many countries overseas by Earthship Biotecture, which involved a workshop program which provided aseries of talks, films and discussions surrounding living self-sufficiently and engaging with the broader themes of Earthship Biotecture including a smaller-scale living mindset, community development and inclusion and thinking smarter in terms of resource consumption and use of materials.  Earthship living is not simply a dwelling but involves a series of processes which include shared learning experiences and spreading knowledge for others to learn and teach the methodology and the philosophy behind Biotecture to foster the establishment of more Earthships across the country.   Bob and Shelley were clear that they desired to create a home and an experience based on a loving intention and opened their lives and property to all to share in their way of life. Read More

Join Us! Earthship Fundraiser Seminar


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Earthship Biotecture will be hosting a seminar/benefit this summer on Sunday, August 18th, 2013. The event will comprise of an all day seminar with Mike Reynolds, Phil Basehart and the Earthship staff and crew. This will be followed by live music and other activities such as a raffle and family events.

The cost of the all day seminar is $100. This includes lectures with Mike Reynolds and Phil Basehart, video showings, a tire pounding workshop and a Q&A session with Mike Reynolds at the end of the seminar. Lunch and a beer will be provided by Taos Mesa Brewery. This will also allow for entrance for the live music which will be held in the evening and throughout the night. All of those attending after the seminar for the music will be asked to pay a $10 cover at the door. Music will be announced soon! Read More

A greater world based on the needs of the people

Native peoples, plants and animals existed for many millennia without an adverse affect on the Earth’s ability to support life in general and humans in particular. These beings encountered earth phenomena for sustenance. They did not have an “economy”. They did not have “garbage”.

In the short amount of time that modern humanity has been around we have managed to have serious adverse effects on the ability of this planet to support healthy human life. This modern human economy has bred for us a thing called garbage. Are economy and garbage the ingredients that have caused modern humans to adversely effect the Earth’s ability to support a flourishing human existence?

The modern world has an ailing system that tries to sustain a monstrous and oppressive economy, an economy that is supposed to sustain the people, it doesn’t succeed. A greater world would have a system made to provide for the people…and the nourishment of the people would sustain a more insignificant economy. Sustenance means the provision of comfortable shelter, water, electricity, food and sanitation for every man, woman and child on the planet. Where as economy should not be a beast that unless it is happy and balanced the people suffer. It should not be a beast that expels mountains of garbage all over the earth. It should not be a beast that wars are fought just to feed it. Economy should be an insignificant aspect of an independently healthy and secure human existence. Economy is the result, not the means, of sustaining people.

The modern world economy produces garbage on an insane level. A greater world based on the needs of the people would transform and consume garbage. Garbage is the result of economy. Sustain the people and you will transcend economy. Transcend economy and you will transform and eliminate the very concept of garbage. Transcend economy. Transform garbage. Create a better life.
The key to having a better life for all people is found in the sustenance for all people…not just some people, but all people.

My Earthship Academy Experience

Hello, my name is Gonzalo and I’m from Chile.  I had the most amazing experience of my life a couple of months ago in Taos, NM learning how to build Earthships…  For the first time in my life I didn’t feel alone.
16 years ago, when I just a kid, my dad took me with him and a couple of his friends to build “mediaguas” (3×6 meters-big emergency social homes), for poor people who live nearby Santiago.  That was the first time I affronted the housing problem in Chile… I couldn’t stop crying when I would pray at night remembering how thankful these people were for their new home and remembering the exact words my father said to them when we gave them the house: “sorry for the little, but we don’t have anymore to give, for now.”

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Taos 2012

Greetings from Taos!

Well I’ve been lucky enough to be able to revisit Taos this year to get some more hands-on experience, see some old friends, visit with the Academy and try and organise for some workshops in Australia for 2013.  I thought Id just give a quick summary of what happened and what I observed this time round.

Well Taos is in full swing in September.  There’s builds going on in Estancia and Pataka in New Mexico and finishing the towers and EVE project, with the crew dispersed between them.  The Fall Academy are split between working hard on the EVE project and a G2 built in the Greater World community where they are currently installing the solar hot water, solar and water systems.  The new classrom in the EVE project seems to make for a more formal learning environment than previous venues and the work is at a pretty high level with the second level of can and bottle work on the front face of the EVE proving to be very challenging (especially as the winds picked up).  The Crew have had a busy year with international builds in Czech and coming up in Guatemala and Argentina finishing off a number of different project in 2012.  The vaulted dome model which we experimented with in Guatemala seems to be Mike R’s new favourite with a build for a doctor being finished in Vermont recently over the summer which demonstrated its ability to be adapted to a colder climate and with nice finishings.

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“Not only is it my first Earthship, it’s my first home” – Living in Earthships Ashton Wolfe

Recently, one of our staff members, Ashton Wolfe purchased an Earthship of her own in the Greater World Community located in the gravel pit. Closed on the 30th of August, 2012, this is not only her first Earthship, but her first house.  The house is a one bedroom, one bathroom global model Earthship that was originally built by Earthship foreman, Ron Sciarillo as a spec house (year?).  She is the first owner of this home.  Asked about her Earthship and her plans for this house, she proves to be really excited with plans to add to the Earthship in order to live as sustainably and self-contained as possible.  Ashton is ready to begin her life as a resident and member of the Greater World Community.

Global Earthship Overview

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