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Nearly three decades have passed since Michael Reynolds built his first “radically sustainable” Earthship dwellings out of cast-off materials such as tires and beer bottles on the high mesas near Taos, New Mexico. His Earthship mantra, however, remains the same: “Live free.” That is, off the grid and without power bills.

Earthships have evolved from simple structures lacking flush toilets into multifloor homes with flat-screen TVs, wi-fi, and greenhouses brimming with crops. And they’ve gone from fringe to 53,000 Facebook fans as a new generation tunes in to Reynolds’s alt-sustainable message. Today, there’s also a school, the Earthship Biotecture Academy, which teaches design principles and philosophy.

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Father Earth

Still ‘crazy’ after all these years. In 1993 Michael Reynolds was way ahead of his time. Today, in 2012 Michael Reynolds is still WAY ahead of his time… The following article was published on January 10, 1993 in the New York Times Styles Section as America grapples with ecology and economy.



About 15 miles west of Taos, a road with no name tapers off into the flat tableland beneath the Tres Orejas, three small volcanic peaks. Soon the road disappears entirely. All that remains is a thick carpet of snow and a set of coyote tracks pitching toward infinity.

But if you can envision an Alternative Republic here, you don’t need a road. Thus, a frigid winter morning recently found Michael Reynolds, a one-man Monkey Wrench gang of architecture, barreling through the snowdrifts, his Dodge pickup swerving every which way, destined for an unsightly pile of tires and dirt, his new Atlantis: downtown Star.

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Outlaw: Michael Reynolds

by Tyler Allen (from Outlaw magazine)

Twenty-five years ago. Michael Reynolds assembled progressive architectural prototypes into one seminal idea: Earthships.

Integrating solar, wind, thermal mass, rainwater harvest, gray wa- ter recycling and indoor food production, the Taos, New Mexico – based architect builds homes from re-purposed garbage. The exterior shell and interior walls are made from used tires pounded full of dirt, glass bottles and cans, stacked and mortared together with mud.

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thank you so very much for your contribution to humanity.

Hi my name is (removed for privacy). I stumbled upon a few videos of your earth ships & could not believe there are still people like you on this god forsaken planet. I don’t want to sound or be foolish but i would love to join your team. In fact i would devote my life to help you further your work or even to just learn from your brilliance so that i may pass it down to my children. I know you probably get this everyday & cant recruit everyone under the Sun but i would gladly give up my job & this dead end society to explore alternatives ways of living. Its all to obvious the American culture is self imploding & is going no where fast. I am studying how to build an earthship with a dream to actually build one myself. I thank you for your work. you have saved so many lives with this work of yours. your are my hero & i have never said that about anyone ever in my life. thank you so very much for your contribution to humanity.

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Our story has been fabulous – Earthship Nightly Rentals

There really are no words…

Our story has been fabulous. We have been thinking about building our own on our ranch in Nebraska so we stayed to see if its what we really want. It is and so much more. We fished in the pond and caught seven fish, all of which but two we threw back. We cooked the two we kept in a banana leaf with a pepper we picked from the garden along with rosemary we picked too. We also made tea from dried Hibiscus flowers and mint found in the garden. We cooked around eight eggs during our stay. All harvested from the chicken coop.

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Earthships on Democracy Now!

Earthships on Democracy Now“Earthship Biotecture”: Renegade New Mexico Architect’s Radical Approach to Sustainable Living

New Mexico residents are trying to a break free from Los Alamos’ nuclear legacy by creating more environmentally sound ways of living. At the forefront of this struggle is renegade architect Michael Reynolds, creator of radically sustainable living options through a process called “Earthship Biotecture.” Reynolds’ solar homes are created from natural and recycled materials, including aluminum cans, plastic bottles and used tires. These off-the-grid homes minimize their reliance on public utilities and fossil fuels by harnessing their energy from the sun and wind turbines. In Taos, New Mexico, Reynolds gives us a tour of one of the sustainable-living homes he created.

from democracynow.org

10 Reasons Why EarthShips Are F!#%ing Awesome

Earthships are 100% sustainable homes that are both cheap to build and awesome to live in. They offer amenities like no other sustainable building style you have come across. For the reasons that follow, I believe Earthships can actually change the world. See for yourself!

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Michael Reynolds the Garbage Warrior Interview

If you haven’t had the opportunity to run into Michael Reynolds, the Garbage Warrior, this is an excellent introduction. We wanted to interview Michael as he really is, a visionary looking toward an uncertain future but tuning into what we need to do in the present moment.

from the LotusGuide.com

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Earthships give me a hard-on

I just watched the documentary Garbage Warrior recently and it totally blew my mind.

I’ve been aware of Earthships for a few years now and ever since then, whenever I fantasize about my dream home the only thing I can think about are Earthships. To put it as briefly as possible, Earthships are self sustaining homes made out of recycled materials like tires and cans that are covered with mud. They are designed to be completely self sufficient. They store solar energy, collect rainwater, and can process their own sewage. The walls are designed to collect and store thermal energy, which is then radiated at night.  The temperature inside an earthship remains relatively the same year around. With a successful greenhouse/garden, a person could potentially self sustain on their Earthship and live completely off the grid at all times. And they are BEAUTIFUL.

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Volunteer on an Organic Farm or to Build an Earthship

Okay, I’m really excited about this post because BOTH of these things are what I’m dying to do.  Consider volunteering on an organic farm through an organization such as WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) or learn about/volunteer to help build an earthship/earthship-esque home (http://earthship.com/).  There are some criticisms about the original earthship, but there is also a lot to be learned from this design.  This idea is evolving constantly and is very exciting.

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