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Earthship Australia Mini-Ship Project Video, December 2013

Thanks to George Bray for his video work

Earthship Australia ‘mini-ship’ workshop a success in Moe, Victoria


Well after a long wait Earthship Australia successfully hosted its first week-long project building a 10sqm ‘under-permit’ mini-ship vaulted dome with the support of a local eco-village project and 30 volunteer participants. Read More

Earthship Australia ‘mini-ship’ workshop coming up on December 7th – 13th 2013

Hello everyone! We are very excited to announce another workshop

opportunity coming up in Victoria this summer.

This workshop will teach you practical skills and the earthship principles:

building with natural and recycled materials, thermal/solar heating and

cooling, water harvesting, sewage treatment, food production. Detailed talks

and hands on education for the start to finish process will be facilitated by

Earthship Biotecture graduates. Read More

Earthship Australia AGM – August 14th, 2013 Melbourne

Coming up is our first AGM after completing our successful transition from community organisation to independent Incorporated Association.

Please come along if you would like to become a member and take part in the discussion surrounding the future of Earthship Australia as a community organisation driven to Read More

Earthship Queensland Update – July 2013

Greetings Earthship supporters,
Well we have just returned from a successful 2 week workshop to get more done on final finishing of the 2 U survival pod in on the discovery coast in Queensland, Australia.

The project was run as a volunteer participation workshop, similar to the projects run in many countries overseas by Earthship Biotecture, which involved a workshop program which provided aseries of talks, films and discussions surrounding living self-sufficiently and engaging with the broader themes of Earthship Biotecture including a smaller-scale living mindset, community development and inclusion and thinking smarter in terms of resource consumption and use of materials.  Earthship living is not simply a dwelling but involves a series of processes which include shared learning experiences and spreading knowledge for others to learn and teach the methodology and the philosophy behind Biotecture to foster the establishment of more Earthships across the country.   Bob and Shelley were clear that they desired to create a home and an experience based on a loving intention and opened their lives and property to all to share in their way of life. Read More

Earthships come to Darwin – July 24th & 25th

After a long wait, Earthships are coming to Darwin in the form of two evening presentations coming this week at CDU.  Wednesday night will see a general presentation of Biotecture’s aims, principles and applications, looking at recent projects participated by Earthship Australia representative Rachel Goldlust.  Thursday night will see the Darwin premier of ‘Australia’s First Earthship’ a documentary by Jennifer Brownson looking at the community surrounding the first Earthship project completed in Australia in 2013.  Come along of you’ve been interested in Earthships and want to find ways of getting involved or justEARTHSHIP POSTER Darwinget inspired for a new way of living!

Australia’s First Earthship – Tasmanian Documentary Premiere!

Greetings Tasmanian Earthship and sustainable building supporters!

After much waiting there’s finally an Earthship event coming up for Tassie

Come along if you’ve heard about Earthships and want to find out more or would like to sign up and join the movement starting across Australia to bring this radical sustainble architecture and living model to us here!

Read More

Taos 2012

Greetings from Taos!

Well I’ve been lucky enough to be able to revisit Taos this year to get some more hands-on experience, see some old friends, visit with the Academy and try and organise for some workshops in Australia for 2013.  I thought Id just give a quick summary of what happened and what I observed this time round.

Well Taos is in full swing in September.  There’s builds going on in Estancia and Pataka in New Mexico and finishing the towers and EVE project, with the crew dispersed between them.  The Fall Academy are split between working hard on the EVE project and a G2 built in the Greater World community where they are currently installing the solar hot water, solar and water systems.  The new classrom in the EVE project seems to make for a more formal learning environment than previous venues and the work is at a pretty high level with the second level of can and bottle work on the front face of the EVE proving to be very challenging (especially as the winds picked up).  The Crew have had a busy year with international builds in Czech and coming up in Guatemala and Argentina finishing off a number of different project in 2012.  The vaulted dome model which we experimented with in Guatemala seems to be Mike R’s new favourite with a build for a doctor being finished in Vermont recently over the summer which demonstrated its ability to be adapted to a colder climate and with nice finishings.

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Murrindindi Workshop September 1st, NSW


Successful 1 day workshop completed at the recently created Murrindindi Farm on the outskirts of Sydney with 20 odd participants from all walks of life and with a variety of skills and interests participating.  The idea was to create a new circular seating area for future permaculture workshops on the land using recycled materials and as an introductory ‘fundamentals’ workshop in the design and practicalities of Earthship Biotecture building design. 

Hopefully all who attended had an enjoyable and fulfilling day, as it was mostly a hands on busy action-packed workshop with a load of new skills and tricks learn in how to use the waste products of today and transform them into practical building solutions for tomorrow.

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Meeting to discuss application for Incorporation of Earthship Australia (Melbourne)

Meeting to be held in the Ceres Van Raay Building – Enter from the Stewart St mosaic entrance and park anywhere in the top carpark.  Head towards the main buildings and look for A Frame to direct to exact room.

Please arrive promptly for 7pm start, don’t want the meeting to go longer than an hour and have a bit to discuss.





Greetings fans of Earthships in Australia
For those who don’t know my name is Rachel and I’ve been taking on the logistics of setting up a NFP group out of the assorted structure that has been based at CERES Environment Park in Melbourne. Last week I received a grant from Moreland Council in Melbourne to register Earthship Australia and become fully incorporated.

Now as we havn’t had a meeting or gathering for some time I would like to extend the invitation to Melbourne people to come along and re-form the group meetings that were started over 2 years ago and had quite alot of enthusiasm and purpose.  When the first meeting started in 2009 there was a wide range of people who came along every week to plan and discuss actions for Earthship projects at CERES and beyond and I’d really like to re-ignite that group and reform now that we have alot more knowledge and experience collectively behind us on what are the most realistic ways to move forward.

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