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Earthships Create The Cleanest Air Around

Hi everyone,

I am sitting in the Earthship Visitor’s Center right now, and a man is here to visit. He has a device that measures the CO2 in the air. He says he has never seen a number bellow 400 ppm, unless he is standing at the ocean where the air is very clean. Our Visitor Center measures at 276 ppm, making our air extremely clean he says. There’s no CO2 in our VC!

He has been to other eco friendly homes, and measured the air, saying that none have the clean air this building has. He says if the air is not clean it gives people headaches.

Yea earthships!



By |January 10th, 2013|

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An artist who does one of a kind photographs on tin

Robyn is an artist documenting the collapse of America’s economy with a focus on those who are rebuilding life within it. I had only been in contact with Robyn through email when she pulled in to the driveway. She arrived in her pseudo housing/diesel jetta in which she has been not only traveling through the country in, but also using as her developing studio. She showed me a box full of portraits of people who have managed to surpass the decaying infrastructure with a grassroots spirit.


By |March 28th, 2012|

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