Earthship Biotecture is based in Taos, New Mexico, and has been providing humans with the tools necessary to sustain themselves and the planet for over 45 years.  By using carbon-zero technology in building plans and integrating all systems with food production, our designs are the first truly sustainable, independent models on the market today.  We able to construct comfortable units in any climate made primarily out of natural and recycled materials.

All Earthship are designed with these principles:

Earthship Biotecture provides design, build and consultation services for projects in the US and internationally.  Off-the-rack construction drawings are available for owner/builders.  Custom design and retrofit services are also available.  Earthship building sites are available for purchase in the Greater World Community as are completed buildings.

We operate a Visitor Center at our headquarters in Taos and offer nightly rentals to people wishing to experience life “off-the-grid” for a night or more.  Our educational programs include:  guided tours, hands-on internships and the Earthship Academy program.