March 09, 2017 Earthship Island

We are back on Earthship Island building the second unit and rear piloting the first.
We are noticing the beginnings of progress toward the conditions on the island getting better.

The beaches and paths were full of bottles and cans before. Now there are separation bags to collect all of these things for the Earthship to be built with and it is noticeable. We are not seeing many tossed plastic bottles and cans anywhere. The few locals on the island see how they are being used and are gladly using the separation collection bags.

Our presence (50 students and staff) on the island is generating “garbage” that we are transforming into building materials. This is a huge step toward the new world we are trying to forge via the EVE concept. We are adding humans with a directed purpose to this already abused island.

So this and many observations are showing us that on a small island with a small number of people and almost ultimate freedom to make life choices (a privilege we have earned) we can evolve human activities on our planet.

Our issues are small.

Our solutions are doable.

Our life is a simple microworld of the Earth at large.

We will always survive.

We will live forever.

Both the Earthship Island and the EVE project in Colombia are amazing opportunities to participate in what will go down as “the changing of the guard” on planet Earth.