March 10, 2017 Earthship Island


On our first build hit on the island we noticed that there

were minimal flies on the island when sixty of us arrived.

At the end of a four week build there were literally carpets

of flies on the lunch tables and anywhere people were.   We

had successfully increased the fly population by about

ten million.  We were leaving compost uncovered

for too long and not covering human waste thoroughly

enough and quick enough.  We literally saw maggots

climbing out of a compost pile.  It became clear to all of us

that our inappropriate activities increased the fly population.

This time we are five days in and still only minimal flies.

We are  burying compost immediately in soil pits lined

with tarps to harvest some moisture as the soil is made.

We have almost endless access to saw dust from the main land

so we have it delivered as often as necessary.   We also use the

saw dust to bury the human waste in the toilet soil plugs.

The toilets themselves are made with a design where the lid

fully seals the saw dust covered waste in plastic buckets. 

The buckets of saw dust and shit are emptied once a day into

tarp lined soil plugs that trap some rain water to keep the

composting soil moist through the dry season.

We are, therefore, using human waste and food compost to

create soil to enrich the plant production on the island.  This

offers the possibility of human presence on this island being as

a positive thing rather than a negative thing as is usually the case.

Humans bring garbage… we are using it… every drop if it.

Humans bring food and shit… we are using it… every drop of it.

We are finding that, in groups of sixty, human activities can be

easily managed and rendered an asset to the earth rather than

a detriment.  The EVE concept is using the idea that …

if problems are kept small then small solutions can be effective.

Organizing humanity into small groups of sixty or so people

is possibly a part of a greater formula for minimizing the technology

and money necessary for intergrating humanity into the existing

processes of the Earth.   This is part of the EVE purpose…

to find the whole formula and use it for a better life on Earth.