The Hut-Inspired Modular Earthship was built in 2005 and was designed for clients who stayed in the Hut Earthship when it was a nightly rental and loved the building so much that they wanted to build one like it.  The floor plan of the Hut consisted of two round tire rooms connected with a angled greenhouse containing the kitchen, bathroom and grey water planter.  One Hut room was the living room, one was the bedroom.  A Systems Package was built in the center of the building and held all the batteries, inverter, pumps, filters and pressure tank.  The tire cistern was built behind the Systems Package, between the 2 Hut modules.  The second owner of the home added all of the beautiful custom tile and mosaic work.

Exterior photos: Karena DominicoModular hut sunflower ext

Modular hut sunset ext

Modular hut walls
Modular hut table detail FB
Modular hut table arch FB
Modular hut plants

Modular hut living

Modular hut from east planter

Modular hut Bedroom arches FB

Modular hut bed