In this short clip Michael Reynolds talks about the Flint, MI water crisis.  He points out that in New Mexico, where we only get 8″ of annual precipitation, we are able to build buildings that harvest, filter and use their own water four times.  Flint gets 40″ of annual precipitation and it should be be relatively simple to design rainwater harvesting systems that would provide clean water to the residents.  He calls for a “different approach” to the existing infrastructure and poses the question, “Can federal and local government simply allow a change to happen?”  He points to the New Mexico Sustainable Development Testing Site Act as a model for the evolution of autonomous systems that can take care of people.  He suggests that the government provide a piece of land to build such a test site in Flint.  “We can empower the people of Flint to solve the problem themselves in a way that will be that will be a beacon of awareness for people around the world.”