The Nautilus Earthship was a custom Earthship based with a floor plan based on the Fibonacci series. It was built in 1996 on a lava rock site with full-height tire walls that spiraled up from the ground and were topped with vigas. The outside of the un-bermed thermal mass tire walls were insulated on the outside with straw bales. This one bedroom home was around 1200 square feet and completely off-the-grid with all Earthship power and water systems. It was used as a nightly rental for eight years and many guest from around the world got to enjoy living in this functional, sustainable piece of art.

Nautilus tub

Nautilus table

Nautilus sink

Nautilus rear

Nautilus portholes

Nautilus floor plan

Nautilus ext

Nautilus Dreyfus

nautilus dining

Nautilus bed fireplace

Nautilus bananas

Naut sunset