The Hut Earthship was built in 1999 and incorporated techniques developed while doing a disaster relief demo in Honduras after Hurricane Mitch.  The floor plan of the Hut consisted of two round tire rooms connected with a angled greenhouse containing the kitchen, bathroom and grey water planter.  A Systems Package was built on the east side and held all the batteries, inverter, pumps, filters and pressure tank.  A third round tire structure was built on the west side and plastered on the inside to create the cistern.  An aerial photo of the the Hut Earthship is featured on the cover of Michael Reynolds’ book Water from the Sky which provides a detailed explanation of Earthship water harvesting, storage, filtration, use, reuse and treatment techniques.

hut plan

Hut living

Hut kitchen night

Hut kitchen day

Hut curtains day

Hut bed through curtains

Hut bath day

Hut leaf living