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Earthship Biotecture has been working on development of the Simple Survival concept and design for several years.  We have developed a forty page set of construction drawings that have sold for $1,000 to many people all over the world.  They have been able to successfully build their own Simple Survival Earthships using these drawings. They been built-in Argentina, Germany, Philippines, USA, New Zealand and the Simple Survival systems have been used in many other countries.

This APP is aimed at bringing all of the Simple Survival information together including the full set of construction drawings, materials, operations, costs, components, photographs, systems diagrams and more.  You are able to download and print the construction drawings as well as the operations to help you do it yourself.

This is aimed at guiding anyone in the world toward simple sustainable living NOW.   In addition to the construction drawings we have collected every scrap of information we have on all aspects of the simple survival building no matter what form it is in.  All of this as well as the construction drawings themselves will be constantly evolving as this is the nature of all Earthship designs.   It is our feeling that providing all the information we have;  even though some of it is still evolving and being refined,  gets people on their way to simple survival now rather than later.  We look at this as almost an urgent need on this planet.  Evolutions and refinements are expected to happen to this APP on a daily basis.   It is, in fact, the most sustainable tiny house in the world.

Simple Survivals versions that are now available with all of the floor plan options, construction drawings, operations, videos, pictures, materials lists and more:

-Concrete: Evolved from the hut we built in Haiti in 2010 and was then built in Taos, New Mexico using a different design that fits the extreme climate. With this version, you have the option of building a one bedroom, two bedrooms or three bedrooms. 

-Tropical: This design was specifically made for tropical climates and was built in Jamaica, Bonaire and Hawaii. We realized that different climates have different requirements and customized the existing plans to better fit the conditions. 

-Non Concrete: This is the latest Simple Survival design that is currently being built for the first time in Taos, New Mexico and scheduled to build in Canada in July of 2016 at the Six Nations Reservation. It functions just like the concrete version but was made for places where it is harder to find or more expensive to use concrete. It can also be built as a one bedroom, two bedrooms or three bedrooms and with larger, more conventional utility systems.  

– Zero Cost Hut: Was first built in the Philippines using local materials and everything we can find with a close to nothing budget. It was then built in Fiji in summer of 2015 where the locals are now replicating on their own using their local materials. 

We want everyone to be able to afford this so we have made this APP available for $9.99 USD all over the world.

Look for this APP in your APP store for iPhone users and Google Play for Android users.

The Simple Survival App will be updated regularly.

Watch a ground up animation under the Operations section.

Let us know what you would like to have added to the ongoing evolutions of the Simple Survival App.


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