The Simple Survival Earthship design evolved from years of research and development both at the Greater World Community and on projects around the world.

Based on the classic “U” Earthship module, the Simple Survival features a vaulted roof similar to the Hut Earthship design and a double greenhouse and cooling tubes like the Global Model.  The Simple Survival is designed to provide comfortable temperatures in any climate without back-up heating or cooling.

The Simple Survival systems evolved from earthquake relief done in Haiti and feature water harvesting, solar hot water, gray water, gray water flush, black water treatment, solar electricity and interior food production.  Now we are offering construction drawings for all Simple Survival plan options through our new app.  The app is comprised of photos, materials lists, operations, a full set of downloadable construction drawings and many more guidelines for you to build it yourself.  It is available for $9.99 on through the App Store and Google Play.
We are constantly working on making it as user friendly as possible, every update will have new information added by Michael Reynolds so stay tuned!