In 2016, the Earthship Academy enters it’s fifth full year of existence. To date over 600 students from all over the world have attended the program here in Taos, New Mexico and our Global Sessions.

During the 2015 sessions Academy students completed a Global Model Earthship (the latest Earthship design) at the Greater World Earthship Community, started 3 new Earthship buildings, worked on the Earthship Village Ecologies project which is now housing its first residents and continued work on a residence for a local family who lost their house in Hurricane Katrina. During our Global Session in Patagonia students and instructors built the main structure of an Earthship travelers’ hostel.

Many Academy students completed their Field Studies requirement this year on projects in Colorado and a project at an existing community in GermanyA current student is completing his Independent Study by founding a non-profit to teach veterans how to build their own self-sufficient homes in Southern New Mexico. Earthship Academy graduates worked on building a community center in Haiti.

We’ve added a few new classes to the curriculum this year including Earthship Operations which walks the students through all the major steps of building a Global Model Earthship. Introduction to Earthship Building Techniques gives students an overview of the basic tools and methods for pounding tires, laying can and bottle walls and plastering, before they go out in to the field and start the hands-on experience.

We’ve also added two Labs: Food Production and Earthship Door Building. We now offer six intensive Lab experiences per session, in small groups with core instructors. During the Food Production Lab students get to build a suspended hydroponic food- growing bucket and learn first-hand about the compartment method for composting. The Earthship Door Building Lab gives students a chance to work with expert carpenters building interior and exterior doors designed specifically for Earthships.

If you are interested in attending any of the Earthship Academy sessions in Taos please fill out and mail back the application found on .

Infograph - Academy Dec2015