We’ve added a few new classes to the curriculum this year including Earthship Operations which walks the students through all the major steps of building a Global Model Earthship.  Introduction to Earthship Building Techniques gives students an overview of the basic tools and methods for pounding tires, laying can and bottle walls and plastering, before they go out in to the field and start the hands-on experience. 

We’ve also added two Labs:  Food Production and Earthship Door Building.  We now offer six intensive Lab experiences per session, in small groups with core instructors.  During the Food Production Lab students get to build a suspended hydroponic food-growing bucket and learn first-hand about the compartment method for composting. The Earthship Door Building Lab gives students a chance to work with expert carpenters building interior and exterior doors designed specifically for Earthships. 

For a full list of classes, session dates and a downloadable application see: www.earthship.com/academy

October 2015 Academy group(1)


Cutting bottles

Plumbing tires