by Michelle Locher, Earthship Plant Specialist

The huge beautiful Blue Oyster Mushrooms growing on the elm stumps, in the grey water planters downstairs at the Hive, were made into a delicious Thai soup, for the Earthship staff, on this cold wintry day.

Besides the huge picture-perfect Blue Oyster Mushrooms, our Thai soup also contained Thai basil, mint, garlic chives, spring onions, cilantro, red and orange peppers, leaf beet, beet greens and of course, lemongrass, all growing in the Earthship Visitor Center.
Other ingredients that were included in the soup but not grown in an Earthship were, tamari, fish sauce, miso, coconut milk, garlic, ginger and rice noodles.

This soup tasted so good because all of the fresh ingredients were picked 30 minutes before making this delicious soup, and also because there was no carbon foot print in obtaining the ingredients. On an icy cold wintry day in northern New Mexico, this can only happen if you live (or work) in an Earthship!
Earthships are amazing! Everybody deserves to live in an Earthship!
Blue Oyster Soup
Blue Oyster Mushrooms