“The reason tires are not considered a green building material anymore is because the technique originated in a time when there was no way to recycle tires, so they simply went to landfills. Today there are tire recycling programs all over the world. Old tires are made into new tires, and every time a tire is not recycled, it drives up the price of new tires and more raw materials must be extracted.” –Cowichan Valley Clay


“thats funny… sounds like a comment from the right about how wind farms decrease the amount of wind in the atmosphere…

When the tire piles are gone, then come talk to me about tires not being a good building material… Rammed Earth encased in steel belted rubber… ‘tire walls’ – They are already delivered worldwide, they are free, they are low tech, they are easy to build, they are super strong, they provide quick AND lasting shelter, they provide warmth in cold climates with no fossil fuels, they provide coolness in hot climates with no fossil fuels, they are a worldwide problem in landfills, oceans, being burnt, etc. Next to straight earth, they are the most sustainable building method available… just in my opinion.

A combination of many building methods and materials is what works best for performance. However, I would never build a building without rammed earth encased in steel belted rubber… It would simply be inadequate without some sort of rammed earth to meet the proper ratio of air volume within the building.

So ‘tires’ used to contain rammed earth is beyond a ‘green building material’ – This is about logic, and what is the best, most effective building material to use… or building method… work with the factors, the inputs, the outputs, etc. etc. many data points… you will always arrive at rammed earth encased in steel belted rubber being the main structure of the building.” — Jonah Reynolds


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