November 14, 2014:
Someone was asking about our temperatures at the Earthship in Calgary, Canada… We are running at +18 C (64.4 F) when it is -18 C (-1 F) and more with the wind chill.

calgary earthship temperature check

November 16, 2014:
-4 C (24.8 F) Outside, +24 C (75 F) inside.


November 17, 2014:
-18 C (-1 F) outside, +18 C (64.4 F) inside at 8am


November 29, 2014:
Trapped in the Earthship by a giant snowdrift. Please DON’T save us. Everything is just delightful.


‘It’s a funky off-grid house:’ Take a tour of Alberta’s first official earthship

LETHBRIDGE COUNTY — In the dead of winter, in the middle of the southern Alberta prairies, the Kinneys’ Christmas dinner included juicy tomatoes freshly picked from the family’s new home.

Producing vegetables even when there’s snow on the ground isn’t the only feature that makes the Kinneys’ abode unusual.

Made of 800 recycled tires and 12,000 cans encased in mortar, the long and skinny bungalow is a radically sustainable building that offers all the comforts of a modern home without any electricity or water bills.

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Calgary Canada Earthship

Ultra-sustainable ‘earthship’ built in Alberta

There’s sustainable housing, and then there’s sustainable housing. The Kinney family in Southern Alberta is living the latter, in what can only be described as the MacGyver of net-zero homes.

Last summer more than 30 volunteers from around the world and a hired crew of 13 people from New Mexico helped the Kinneys build what is known as an ‘earthship’. This self-sustaining, eco-friendly home is the brainchild of Earthship Biotecture Founder and Principal Architect, Mike Reynolds. It is an off-grid living structure made primarily out of recycled materials like empty beer cans, old tires and used glass bottles.

“It’s a house that takes care of you and takes care of itself and it takes care of the environment,” said Duncan Kinney, Editor and Production Manager at Green Energy Futures. His retired parents, Glen and Dawn Kinney, bought 75 hectares of prairieland to construct their earthship, which took only five weeks to put together.

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