With the field study coming up in Salida this summer, many of you have been asking about the next and final step to graduate from the Earthship Academy.

Are you looking for an Earthship Instructor to help point you in the right direction? I’m sure you remember Tom, don’t you? Well his email is tom@earthship.com and he is now officially the Independent Study advisor. You can email him about the subjects you have in mind for your final step!


The Independent studies that have been accepted and completed throughout the past 3 years have been very successful.

Some of the topics covered were : Aquaponics in Earthships, retrofitting an existing house, Simple Survival Earthship complete build, Anthropological studies of past demonstration builds, an interactive map of Taos relative to Earthships and their resources, etc..

Ted and Marita are two great examples of Earthship Academy graduates who have taken their knowledge and experience to the next level.

Ted is starting a Non-Profit Organization to teach Veterans how to build their own self-sufficient Earthship inspired homes.

Marita is building a second Earthship in Haiti for the community of Oban, Jacmel. The structure will be the new community center for  Sa-K-La-K-Wel. You can check out her project here: https://www.facebook.com/earthshiphaiti/timeline and http://earthshiphaiti.org/

Simple Survival Earthship