Earthship workshops – January 2015 in South AustraliaMarty_01

workshops Monday 5 January – Saturday 24 January 2015

This may be the final Earthship Ironbank Workshop! The focus will be; rendering with lime and earth plasters, floor construction (earth and polished concrete), and there are a few more tyres to pound on the tyre tank.
There will be three workshops starting on Mondays and finishing on Saturdays (no work on Sundays). You can come for as many as you like.

  • Workshop 1 – Mon 5 Jan – Sat 10 Jan
  • Workshop 2 – Mon 12 Jan – Sat 17 Jan
  • Workshop 3 – Mon 19 Jan – Sat 22 Jan

The cost is $350 per week which includes basic camping facilities and three meals per day, or $290 if you prefer to camp off-site and not join us for breakfast and dinner (lunch will be provided). This money goes towards running the workshop: public liability insurance, paying the instructors and buying food. Materials are NOT paid for by the workshop revenue.


The workshop will be led by Martin Freney, with assistance from some of Australia’s finest Earthship Builders who have studied with Michael Reynolds via the Earthship Biotecture Academy and Internships.

what’s provided

  • Hands on building experience
  • Talks/lectures, on all things Earthship
  • Toilets
  • Drinking water
  • Lunch

If you are paying the higher rate for camping* you also get…

  • Breakfast and dinner
  • On-site camping
  • Communal Camp Kitchen
  • Camp Shower

* you must bring your own camping supplies. A list will be supplied to successful applicants.

what’s not provided

  • Camping equipment e.g. tent, sleeping bag, solar shower bag, plate, bowl, knife, fork, spoon etc…
  • Personal safety equipment (you need to provide gloves, sturdy shoes (preferably with reinforced toe), hat, sunnies, sun screen, mozzie repellent
  • Internet access
  • Electricity (limited supply will be available in camp kitchen)
  • Hot showers (BYO solar shower bag)


You can camp onsite if you wish, however understand that the camping facilities are very basic. Otherwise you might be able to stay with one of the locals or a nearby caravan park e.g. Belair National Park caravan park.

terms & conditions

Participants need to provide their own basic personal safety gear and dress appropriately: work gloves, enclosed footwear, eye protection (sun glasses or safety glasses) and work clothes. Specialised safety gear will be provided where necessary.Participants will be required to sign a release of liability form details of which are included below.

Refunds will be given if the workshop is cancelled (e.g. due to natural disaster such as bushfire).

In the event of extreme weather the focus of the workshop may need to turn to theory rather than practice; however, to ensure that some practical workshop exercises can be undertaken these may be scheduled outside of the normal 9am-5pm work period to take advantage of cooler conditions.

If you give sufficient warning of your need to cancel your participation, and an appropriate person can be found to replace you, your money will be returned, otherwise some or all of your money will be forfeited.

In the event that camping on-site becomes impossible (e.g. due to complaints from neighbors or Council, extreme weather or other unforeseen events) it will be necessary for you to find alternative accommodation and make your own breakfast/dinner arrangements. In this event you will be refunded for the “camping” component of your fee ($10/day).

Children, spouses, friends, pets, etc will not be permitted on-site unless by special arrangement.


I understand that my attendance and participation at the above workshop is at my own entire risk.I acknowledge and agree that Martin Freney/Zoe Freney/Earthship Ironbank will not be responsible for any personal injury, loss and/or damage to property which I may suffer during or as a result of my attendance and/or participation at the workshop.

I agree that I will not make any claim against and hereby irrevocably release Martin Freney/Zoe Freney/Earthship Ironbank from any and all liability arising out of or in any way connected with the workshop and not arising directly from the gross negligence of Martin and Zoe Freney which I may incur.

I agree to comply with all reasonable directions given by the site supervisor (Martin Freney) including, but not limited to, mandatory use of safety equipment/clothing (i.e. sturdy work boots, work gloves, safety glasses/sun glasses) and safe operation of all tools and machinery. I understand and accept that failure to cooperate with the site supervisor may result in my immediate expulsion from the workshop without a refund.


The workshops are a rare opportunity to learn from some very experienced people and “play” with thousands of dollars worth of materials. You will also meet like-minded people and become immersed in the wonderful world of Earthships for a while… and maybe go on to build your own. Are you keen?Cheers,

Marty Freney

M: 0450 555 719

application form – due 1 december 2014

Please use this online Survey Monkey questionnaire to provide contact details, agree to the terms and conditions and explain what your skills and motivation are for coming to the workshop(s).