From August 18th to September 12th (4 weeks)

Be part of a hands-on community workshop In Portugal where an old stone building (ruin) will be turned into a new, fully self-sustainable building.

This will be a great educational opportunity especially for those who seek to learn how to transform & re-design (Retrofit!) any existing building into a fully self-sustainable building.

By learning how to apply the six core principles of the Earthship concept, any existing structure can be retrofitted into a self-sustainable building.

“Retrofitting refers to the addition of new technology or features to older systems.” – Wikipedia


444 Euros in total, which will give & include:

• A 4 week long Earthship workshop
• Theoretical knowledge via talks / lectures
• Practical hands on building experience
• Breakfast, lunch and dinner all working days.
• Free camping spaces for accommodation *
• Camp shower with a 1000 L solar hot water system
• Toilets and urinal areas
• Safe drinking water on site
• Participation Certificate

* You will have to bring your own camping gear, please read under preparations below.

You will learn:

• What it feels like to be a part of a community workshop.
• Detailed knowledge about the 6 core principles of the Earthship concept
• How to apply these in any retrofit project
• How to pound tires and build tire walls
• How to build can & bottle walls
• What to consider when building any self-sustainable buildings.


Earthship Biotecture Europe (EBE) will be hosting this workshop from August 18th to September 12th (4 weeks in total). The retrofit will happen through two phases & we are currently looking for people to join us for Phase I of this project.

Michael Reynolds is the architect & supervisor of the project. The construction on-site will be carried out and led by Earthship Biotecture Europe (See INSTRUCTORS below).

Phase I – Aims to enclose the structure (finishing roof, floor & walls) and to apply and install the following systems;

• Heating & cooling through thermal mass – Burial on the north side, building a tire wing-wall, installing thermal wrap and a passive ventilation system based on natural convection (needs no fuel).

• Water catchment system – details for chanelling and collecting water from the roof & installing a cistern (water collection tank).

Phase II – Adding a greenhouse, shower, toilet and electric systems.

bild portugal


Construction will be happen on a farm located in a beautiful valley facing/viewing the Gardunha mountain range, with lots of green and water.

Located about 1.5km from the nearest village (Vale De Prazeres) and regular roads, makes this a bit of an isolated place (still fairly accessible!).

The farm is located only about 30 km from the famous boom festival.


You will have to arrange your own flight to the airport and get to Vale De Prazeres by yourself. From Vale De Prazeres we can arrange pickup for the remaining 1,5 km to the construction and camping site.

Detailed travel information about how to get to the site from the airport will be sent to you once you sign up.


We will build, work and hold talks/lectures 5 days per week. A detailed schedule will be sent to you once you sign up.


Michael Reynolds is the architect and supervisor of this project.

The workshop & construction work will be lead by Mehdi Nodehi, Moein Nodehi, Daniel Petschel, Sara Serodio and Mario Roriz. All graduated Earthship Academy students, experienced builders and certified Biotects.


If you are ready to signup for this project or have any questions, please contact Mehdi Nodehi:mehdi@earthshipsweden.com / + 46 736 89 65 19

The is a big interest to signup for this workshop. To avoid an overcrowded construction site: we have limited numbers of spots available for this project.


To sign-up and secure a spot:

• Full payment of 444 Euros (+ transaction fees) through PayPal is required.


• A deposit of 144 Euros can be paid through PayPal (+ transaction fees). The remaining 300 Euros must then be paid cash on the day of arrival.