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Australia Workshop

Earthship Australia invites you to a hands-on and informative weekend of workshops and seminars on sustainable design principles.

By the end of the weekend you will be equipped with practical experience, and a broad understanding of the challenges and processes for building and renovating alternative natural building designs in South-East Australia.

Hear from natural building experts, architects, planners, engineers, building designers and tradespeople. Then learn how to build a reciprocal roof and tyre retaining wall sculpture. By the end of the weekend, you’ll be moving bush and going off grid! Maybe not quite – but almost.

Special guests Martin Freney, has completed his PHD in Earthship technology and recently completed the first approved Earthship in South Australia will be sure to inspire you to realise your dreams and get involved in the Earthship community.

Earthship Australia



CERES site and eco house tour 10am-12:30
A comprehensive tour of CERES that shows you the sustainable design buildings, renewable energy projects,
alternative building techniques and farming and landscape initiatives CERES offers the community

Get an expert tour of the CERES eco house and a chance to have a Q & A about all the latest technology for traditional home retrofitting possibilities

Building Processes and Challenges Seminar
First Session     1 – 3
–    Owner builder of Australia’s 1st council approved Earthship by Martin Freney, University South Australia
–    Structural adaptations of Earthship designs for Australian councils by Thomas Ha, Structural Engineer
–    Solar technology, grid connect and stand alone systems by Oliver Crowder, Saltwater Solar

Tea break ~ coffee and organic goodies provided

Second Session 3:30-6
–    Barriers and possibilities in holistic and sustainable architecture by Craig Byatt, aCure Architects
–    Innovative grey water and biological plumbing systems and the current regulatory framework by Rob Leary, Earthlings Biosystems
–    Project planning advice and building design option for Earthship design by Rachel Goldlust, Earthship Australia

Industry and Public Green Drinks     7 – 9pm
A green building drinks where the public and professionals can meet, exchange ideas, share experiences, ask advice, network and mingle in an informal space. All speakers and participants of the weekend seminar are encouraged to attend and develop, collaborate and strengthen the connections shared over the weekend.


Participate in one or two of the following workshops

Reciprocal roof workshop 10 – 4
Learn the craft and help build a reciprocal roof structure, which can be used as tiny house, shed, pergola or other practical outdoor structure

Tyre Retaining Wall Sculpture Workshop     10 – 4
Participate in a tyre sculpture project for the childrens
playground which incorporates core aspects of Earthship

Both groups will enjoy a delicious organic lunch together. Options to swap over or stay on your project.

Where: CERES Environment Park, cnr Stewart and Roberts street, Brunwick East
When: 13th & 14th of September
Weekend Package – $175
Saturday Only – $100
Saturday Night Green Drinks – $20 (includes 1 drink and nibblies)

Get your tickets at:



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