Well after a long wait Earthship Australia successfully hosted its first week-long project building a 10sqm ‘under-permit’ mini-ship vaulted dome with the support of a local eco-village project and 30 volunteer participants.With weather that bordered on ‘challenging’ interwoven with sun, the newly formed working crew consisting of 5 facilitators, half a dozen helpers, some amazing chefs from Melbourne Uni Food Co-op and 30 gung-ho excited and keen volunteers who helped us realise a dream to build a small multi-purpose studio/bedroom in 7 days using 150 tyres, 2000 cans, a few hundred bottles and other assorted second hand bits and pieces.

We followed the traditional 5 courses of tyres with a ferr0-cement domed roof which both were completed by the middle of day 2, spending the next 3 days digging out the drainage trench, splatter coating the dome and packing out the tyres, putting a cob layer on the inside, cutting a building a bottle feature wall for the north face, putting in the cooling tube, building an operable bottle window, pounding tyres and doing a can sculpture bench seating area and finally doing a final coat of oxide cement render,  cob floor and second hand doors on to finish!

During the week we had many opportunities for discussions ranging from the golden ratio hosted by Nick the site owner, natural plaster, earthship water systems (as we weren’t putting in any of the grey water systems on a building this small) and some sound healing, fireside games, much mud throwing and dam swimming to clean up after a tough day hauling dirt.

To all those that came we were so glad to have met you, shared time and workshopped ideas for future builds and projects which we hope to meet you on again and again.  Thanks to Nick, Robyn and Edwin for hosting us, Sam A for all his co-ordination and passion, for those who helped haul food and gear up and all our friends and family who supported us.

To those who couldn’t make it stay tuned for more workshops in 2014 and other opportunities to get involved in Earthship Australia.  We are still having our first year membership drive for those who want to sign up and help us out please go to


See you next time! keep on collecting trash!

Sam, Sean, Dani, Campbell and Rachel