Today is a another good day in the realm of Earthship Food Production.

We woke up to 2 inches of snow today, with outside temperatures around 35 degrees F, this morning.

winter papayas

I picked the first Earthship grown Papaya, looking out the front face of our office, at the earth berms of the Survival Pods in front of us, covered in a light dusting of snow. In my hand I held the first succulent, sweet smelling papaya, that I had grown from seed in our office at Earthship Headquarters, on the Greater World Community, Taos, New Mexico.

winter papayas

winter papayasThe aroma was incredible and the taste was better than any papaya one can buy in any heath food store. It was very bright orange, juicy and sweet. I was instantly transported to some distant tropical location by the sweet, exotic, juicy taste. The flesh was filled with health boosting bright orange/red polyphenols and anti-oxidants and live enzymes.

What a Blessing! To grow papayas in northern New Mexico and eat one on a snowy, blustery day! What a Blessing these wonderful buildings are, that can grow tropical foods in the high mountain desert!
The seeds collected are going to be planted later today, to grow more papaya trees for our other Eathships here on the Greater World Earthship Community.