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Earthship Australia ‘mini-ship’ workshop coming up on December 7th – 13th 2013

Hello everyone! We are very excited to announce another workshop

opportunity coming up in Victoria this summer.

This workshop will teach you practical skills and the earthship principles:

building with natural and recycled materials, thermal/solar heating and

cooling, water harvesting, sewage treatment, food production. Detailed talks

and hands on education for the start to finish process will be facilitated by

Earthship Biotecture graduates.

This will be an earthship inspired dome studio, incorporating few of the

earthship principles. You will participate in:

– tyre ramming

– building can walls

– creating an earth berm

– constructing a fero-cement dome vaulted roof

– bottle wall and natural plastering

There’ll be some hard work involved, but it’ll be mighty good fun, and the end

product promises to be something special, the first of its kind constructed in Victoria and Australia.


This studio would suit anyone considering building a small studio or extra room on their rural or semi rural property and its small enough to be an affordable first build

When: December 7 – December 13th

Where: Moe, Victoria. The exact location of the build will be provided in due


Costs: seven-day workshop will cost $300 per person (which includes three

vegetarian meals per day). These fees go toward paying the facilitators,

sourcing the building materials, and providing food.


– 3 vegetarian meals a day

– Hands on building experience

– On site camping space

– Communal kitchen space

– Solar shower

– Organic drop toilet

– Drinking water

You must bring your own camp supplies, a list will be provided to successful


to apply go to;

Applications close Tuesday November 5th

if you want to be a part of this exciting adventure, inspired by Earthship

Biotecture, register today at and let others know

Participants will be required to sign a release of liability form before the build

begins. Terms and conditions will be supplied upon application.

Hope you can come and learn with us!2273350_orig



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