Darn it all, I think my previous post (June) might have got lost in cyberspace! I was just about to write about an interview with Spence Denny today from ABC local radio about Earthship Ironbank. But seems like the news that Earthship Ironbank was approved – back in early July – has not made it to this blog. So just quickly, it has been fully approved with the exception that the indoor greywater garden will have to be irrigated with rainwater rather than greywater. I’m still hoping to use greywater however by declaring a scientific trial of the system, backed by research by a PhD student from UniSA… trying to gather evidence that these systems should be legal in SA (which has the most stringent – I was going to say draconian – laws in Australia).
The tyre walls and ferrocement roof were approved, no problems. This shows that a tyre wall, without footings, can be built under Australian Building Code rules! CFS (country fire service) were happy with it, energy assessor was happy, although the design only got 6.5 stars (hilarious!), and, heck, everyone was happy except for the SA Health guys who have some outdated views about greywater.
There will be workshops in January/February 2014. Stay tuned.